5 Surprising Beauty Hacks You Can Do With Your Lip Balm

Image Credit: Instagram

For all of those who love to get optimal use out of their beauty products and save a little on the monthly spend, why not try out these alternative beauty hacks that you can do with your lip balm? Namely your cheeks, brows, lids & lashes, and even your hair.

First and foremost, your lip balm can achieve a perfect sheen for a highlighter-slash-cheek-stain. Begin by using a single layer, applying to the apples of the cheeks and working outward and upward to achieve a defined dewy look. To keep the highlighter looking dewy, not greasy, tap the balm onto your cheekbone with your ring finger for the lightest layer. Additionally, avoid oil-producing areas like the centre of the forehead, the chin and the sides of the nose.


If you’d like to make a powerful eye make-up statement, applying a few layers of glossy lip balm to your lids can achieve dewy lids. Warning: this will feel as sticky as you’d imagine. To achieve a similarly glossy effect, you don’t have to layer it on; one or two layers, stopping just short of the lash line, will do the trick.

3. Eyelashes
Not only will the balm help your lashes curl, the natural oils will help them grow longer and stay strong over time! Start by applying balm to your inner eye and then spread to the edge of your eye, making sure that your skin gets some moisture as well. Then, use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before applying mascara. Just remember, be careful what you use around your eyes! For best results, try basic Vaseline.

4. Brows
Most lip balm’s consistency is slightly thicker than most brow gels, but it’s a great alternative because it won’t dry crunchy. However, be careful when using lip balm if you’ve already penciled in your eyebrows as this may cause the colour to run.

5. Hair
A fifth and final alternative use for lip balm that works like a charm is taming unruly hair and fixing those split ends. Just rub a little bit of lip balm on your palms or finger tips and spruce up your hair!

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