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Our customers save an average of one hour per booking by having eyebrow treatments at home.

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Struggling to find a salon with a time that suits you? Book last minute everyday, 6am-10pm.

2. Avoid the post-brow commute home

Bring the salon to the comfort, safety and privacy of your own home.

3. Kick back and enjoy some ‘me time’

Take this opportunity to relax and unwind in a place you love, while your eyebrow technician works their magic.

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Still got some questions?

How do you vet your therapists?

All of our brow technicians are hand-selected after a rigorous vetting process. Each beauty therapist is trade-tested, DBS checked (criminal record clearance) and chosen based on their qualifications and years of experience. So you can relax, knowing you’re in safe hands.

Do I need to provide anything?

Your therapist will bring everything with them required for your treatment, including a beauty couch which are 6ft long by 2ft wide. Our therapists are well-practiced at working in some very tight spaces and transforming them into a luxury spa.

What are the risks around COVID?

By having your treatment at home you’re avoiding public spaces and minimising the risk of transmission. Rest assured, our therapists fully sanitise all equipment between appointments and regularly wash their hands. Read our full policy here.

Is eyebrow tinting safe?

Eyebrow tinting is safe when performed by a professional. It involves applying specialist dye near to the eye area, so you definitely shouldn’t try it yourself! You should have a patch test of the dye beforehand. Using normal hair dye to tint your eyebrows is very unsafe; that’s why we use specialist dyes and expert beauticians.

How long does eyebrow tinting take to do and is it permanent?

Professional eyebrow tinting from our brow technicians only takes around 25 minutes. Eyebrow tinting is not permanent. A dye is added to your natural brows to enhance their colour and shape. Your brows will still shed on a normal cycle, much like the hair on your head.

What is eyebrow threading?

With the skin of the brow held taught, our beauticians will use wax-coated thread to expertly twist around your hairs, quickly pulling them away from the follicle.

Does eyebrow tinting cause hair loss?

Eyebrow tinting shouldn’t cause you to lose any more hair than you usually would. It’s non-invasive and doesn’t remove hairs – it only makes them appear darker. Get your brows tinted by a professional for assurance that the greatest care will be taken!

How is eyebrow waxing done?

Our professional brow technicians will apply some warm wax to the hairs which will be removed. They’ll then apply a small paper strip, apply some pressure, and then quickly remove the paper, pulling the hairs out with it.

What method is used for eyebrow tidy/shape?

Our mobile eyebrow technicians use a variety of methods to tidy and shape your brows. This includes threading, waxing, and tweezing – if you have a preference, just let us know directly so we can book the right beautician for you.

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