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A team of highly qualified doctors with full industry registration and medical indemnity.

Led by anaesthetist Doctor William Turner, Effect Doctors™ have a team of doctors constantly on call in London, ready to deliver you an IV infusion of your choice.

They offer a range of IV drips to help you feel and look amazing, targeting issues from general burnout to jet-lag or hangovers. Bespoke IV drip packages can also be designed on discussion with the Effect Doctors™ team.

IV drips are a safe and widely-used, and Effect Doctors™ are the most highly qualified and knowledgeable professionals to deliver them outside of a medical establishment.

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A guide to IV drips

We asked our doctors for the full run-down on IV drips at home. Read on to find out what exactly an IV drip is, how it is administered at home, and the wide-ranging benefits of the different IV drips.

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What does an IV drip do?

IV drips introduce fluids, amino acids, electrolytes and medications directly into the body with 100% delivery of benefits straight to the target organs. The effectiveness of an IV drip depends entirely upon what is emplaced into it. While IV Infusions are not meant to be a substitute for oral intake, they serve as a supplement or alternative solution to quickly restore the body to peak balance and performance.

What happens after my booking?

After booking, you will be called by one of our team of Doctors who will ensure you are safe to have an IV drip and confirm the place you would like to have it. You would be fully refunded if we are unable to do your drip.

What should I expect from my IV drip at home?

When your Doctor arrives, they will review your past medical history, allergies and take some observations. This is to ensure that it is safe to prescribe and administer a trip to you. They will then administer the drip to you and monitor you throughout.

Are IV drips at home safe?

Our IV drips were developed by physicians and pharmacists and are all administered by a fully trained Doctor after a review of your observations and your medical history. All drugs administered by us have excellent safety profiles. There is a small risk of allergic reaction to any substance. However, our Doctors are trained to recognise and deal with this extremely unlikely occurrence.


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