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No need to go to a nail bar for your perfect manicure & pedicure. Our highly-skilled mobile nail technicians carry a wide range of premium polishes, both classic and gel (Shellac) to deliver an immaculate manicure & pedicure at home.

Nail appointments are now available to book with strict covid-19 hygiene protocol in place.

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Classic Manicure

£32 More details

This luxury manicure treatment involves soaking,  cuticle work, nail shaping and varnish in a colour of your choice. It is then finished with a hand and arm massage.

(40 mins)

Classic Pedicure

£45 More details

This pedicure treatment involves the soaking, exfoliation and removal of dead skin on the feet with nail shaping, cuticle work, foot massage and paint. The best way to keep feet and toes in perfect condition.

(45 mins)

Gel (Shellac) Manicure

£38 More details

A luxurious, long-lasting treatment for nails and hands. It includes cuticle work, then nails are shaped and painted with gel polish which is set under a lamp. The treatment is then finished with a hand and arm massage.

(50 mins)

Gel (Shellac) Pedicure

£45 More details

A luxurious, long lasting treatment for feet and toes. Includes the soaking of the feet, removal of dead skin, cuticle work and foot massage. Nails are also filed and painted with gel polish which is set under a lamp.

(55 mins)

Gel (Shellac) Manicure & Classic Pedicure

£70 More details

(1 hour 30 mins)



Gel (Shellac) Polish Removal

£8 More details

The best way to remove gel polish without damaging the nails. This treatment covers removal or gel polish on either hands or feet.

(15 mins)

Make Your Gel Manicure Last


Apply cuticle oil to your nail beds every day.


Do not file your nails unless absolutely necessary. If you do, always file gently and finish in a downward direction.


Avoid coming into contact with any products that contain solvent oils (some sun tan oils and insect repellant).


Book in a gel removal after three weeks to ensure no damage to the natural nail.


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What brand of polish/gel do you use?

Each of our mobile nail technicians use a preferred brand. These include CND Shellac, Gelish and OPI. If you have a specific request please let us know when you make your booking.

How long will gel polish last?

Gel polish usually lasts between 10-14 days. This depends on each individual’s nail type and aftercare.

How do I remove gel polish?

We would always recommend that you book in with us for a professional gel removal.

This is advised three weeks from when the gel polish was applied.

How long will a polish manicure / pedicure last?

Polish manicures last anywhere between three and five working days. Following the manicure we would recommend that you avoid strenuous activity using your hands to give the polish the maximum time to harden.

A polish pedicure is less prone to chipping than a manicure and can last up to ten days.

Do you offer acrylics?

At present, we do not offer acrylics as a service.

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