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Spray Tan


A spray tan carried out by specialised tanning professionals in your home. The spray tan will take place in a tanning tent to keep your home perfectly clean. With no travel to a tanning salon, you can dry off in private for perfect results.

Hailed by the Evening Standard as the best mobile spray tan in London, you can be sure you will have a streak-free, long-lasting tan. Our partners are Fake Bake, Vita Liberata and Sienna X.

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Spray Tan

£40 More details

The easy way to obtain a healthy, natural glow. Our mobile spray tanning services include the use of premium products – your spray tan therapist will conduct a consultation to determine which is best for you. They will also bring a tanning tent to protect your surroundings.

(30 mins)

Express Spray Tan

£48 More details

A home spray tan designed for clients who want to see results in just a few hours. This tan must be left on the skin for between 1-3 hours and will continue to deepen in colour after you have washed off the product.

(30 mins)


Organic Spray Tan

£45 More details

A spray tan using the world’s first organic tanning solution by Vita Liberata. Free of parabens, perfume, alcohol and all chemicals of concern, this vegan-friendly tan is full of certified organic extracts and anti-ageing ingredients. Leaving you with a flawless glow and long-lasting hydration. Leave to develop on the skin for 8 hours (or even overnight).

(30 mins)

Fake Bake Spray Tan

£40 More details

A mobile spray tan using Fake Bake tanning solution in your choice of light, medium or dark. 8 hour or overnight developing time.

(30 mins)

Sienna X Spray Tan

£40 More details

A mobile spray tan using Sienna X tanning solution in your choice of light, medium or dark. 8 hour or overnight developing time.

(30 mins)

Spray Tan (2 People)

£72 More details

A mobile spray tan for two using the best products on the market. All done in a tanning tent to protect your surroundings. The easy way for you and two friends to obtain a healthy, natural glow at the best possible price and in your own home.

(50 mins)

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“Super friendly and efficient, loving my pre-honeymoon ‘glow’”


“The best spray tan I have had in London!”

“Always professional, always great results amazing”


“Fantastic spray tan, looked very natural. Meera was very knowledgable and helpful too!”

Spray Tan Guide

Make sure your skin is bronzed to perfection with our must-read tips to prepare for your treatment and maintain your glow for as long as possible.

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Best in London

Secret Spa came up trumps when the Evening Standard set out to find the best spray tan in London.

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Can I have a mobile spray tan in the same appointment as other treatments?

We do not recommend having a spray tan in the same appointment as the following treatments: waxing, tinting, eyelash extensions, LVL or make-up. For facials and massage, all product on the skin would need to be thoroughly washed off before your spray tan. You can have nail and hair treatments in the same appointment as your at home spray tan service.

What do I need to do to prepare for a spray tan?

We recommend exfoliating and moisturising thoroughly at least 24 hours before the spray tan, with special attention to elbows, knees, heels and hands. We also suggest shaving or waxing at least 24 hours before. For best results it’s best to shower before your spray tan to ensure no moisturiser, deodorant, perfume or make-up is left on the skin.

What spray tan brands do you use?

The majority of our mobile tanners carry Fake Bake or Sienna X solutions. If you have a special request for a certain brand please let us know.

Can I leave my spray tan on for more than 8 hours?

Spray tan solution is designed to stop developing after 8 hours so it is no problem leaving it on for longer. An express tan should not be left on for more than 3 hours.

How long will my spray tan last?

A spray tan usually lasts for about 7 days. After 4-5 days we recommend you have a warm bath and lightly exfoliate to ensure your tan fades evenly.

I'm pregnant, can I have a spray tan?

You should not have a spray tan in your first trimester of pregnancy. In the rest of your pregnancy, spray tans are perfectly safe.

Where should my mobile tanning therapist set up?

We want your experience to be a relaxing one, therefore we would recommend that our mobile therapist sets up in a room that is private and warm. Our tanners may need access to a power socket, good lighting and running water. They will also need enough room to set up their spray tan tent, which are about 1.6m wide, 0.75m deep and 1.92m high.

Do I need to provide anything?

No, your mobile tanning therapists will bring everything they need for your appointment.

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