The must-have Barbie nail colours for Summer 2023

Hats off to the Barbie movie’s marketing team. Everywhere we look, brands from every industry are getting swept up in the Barbie mania. From fashion with collaborations with Gap, Aldo, Superga footwear and Beis luggage and not to mention AirBNB’s Barbie Dream House, it’s Barbie’s world and we’re all just living in it.  There is […]

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The Father’s Day Gift Guide for the discerning dad

‘Massive luxury yachts moored in Port Hercule’ © Endless Travel/Alamy Stock Photo As Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate the father figure in your life (whatever form that comes in). But they’re hard to buy for…really hard, and we want to get them something they’ll appreciate this year. That’s why we’ve collated the ultimate […]

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spray tan and waxing

The dos and don’ts of spray tans and waxing

Bronzed, smooth skin is a must for any social occasion, from weddings to a week in the sun. With summer upon us, many of us are thinking about waxing and tanning so we’re ready to hit the beach feeling confident. Even if holidays aren’t calling, we want to look sun-kissed and gorgeous at weddings, parties, […]

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Guide to Lip Glosses

Guide to the best lip gloss products

With nineties style making a striking comeback, it’s no surprise that lip gloss is definitely in too. You can’t beat the simplicity of a perfectly clear lip gloss shimmering across your lips to elevate an outfit, and we also love a spot of brightly coloured lip plumper gloss for a wild night out.  But how […]

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Fast Skincare and Makeup Routine

Fast skincare and make-up routine for women on the go

Life is busy – work, social and domestic demands can sometimes make you feel like you’re spinning plates with speed. While we all understand the importance of maintaining an effective skincare regime, there isn’t always time for a full-on skincare routine that could easily contain a dozen steps and lotions and potions galore. You need […]

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Best Fake Tan Products

The best fake tan products for an effortless, streak-free glow

If you want to find a fake tan that’s simple to apply while achieving a natural-looking finish, look no further. This guide details seven of the best fake tan products around, so you can give yourself that golden glow at home. There’s more to fake tanners than mousse, water or liquid formulas for your face […]

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Chocolate Beauty Products

The surprising benefits of chocolate in beauty & skincare

One of our favourite indulgences is due to be celebrated on World Chocolate Day which takes place on July 7. At Secret Spa, we’re closet chocoholics and keen to celebrate in any way we can! However, while we are partial to a few chunks of chocolate (who isn’t?), there are also many surprising benefits of […]

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Gua Sha

Beauty tools & tech worth investing in

If you’re a fan of beauty tech and tools, you’re in the right place! This guide outlines the latest must-have gadgets that will take great care of your complexion, with very little effort needed on your part. Even better is the fact that once you’ve made the initial investment in these beauty tech and tools, […]

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Here’s what you need to know before getting Botox

Botox, as prevention to some of the signs of ageing, is becoming more popular amongst younger people. We know that it can be tempting to jump on a trend. So before you do, we’re diving into everything you need to know before getting Botox, from how often you’ll need top-ups to whether it’s painful. What […]

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