Lip Balm Beauty Hacks

5 Amazing Lip Balm Beauty Hacks

Your lip balm can do more than just salvage and moisturise chapped lips. There are a number of brilliant beauty hacks that you can do with your lip balm. Discover more uses for that stick of lip balm or little pot of vaseline with these surprising tips and tricks. Perfect for those who love to […]

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The 5 Essential Rules of Make-up For Older Women

Getting older is something everyone dreads, especially women. However, many older celebrities such as Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep are not only ageing gracefully, but looking better than ever before. For these ladies, the key to looking radiant and beautiful comes from adapting their make-up to suit their older skin.   Here at Secret Spa […]

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Top 5 Illuminators To Get The Glow

As women, we are forever chasing the glow. We’ve put together our top 5 illuminators for you to try. #thesecret – drizzle some liquid illuminator into your foundation every morning. Or for illuminating powders, lightly apply with a brush down your nose, cheek bones, chin and forehead for a glowing complexion. Charlotte Tilbury – £49 The […]

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