Freedom Day Beauty Routine

The ultimate Freedom Day beauty routine

Your beauty calendar to get you ready for Freedom Day. We’ve been given the green light. The day we have all been waiting for is finally in sight. After what’s felt like a lifetime in lockdown (483 days to be exact), 19 July a.k.a Freedom Day can’t come soon enough. We’re all frantically trying to […]

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Hot Stone Massage Benefits

What is hot stone massage and what are the benefits?

A hot stone massage at home is one of our most popular treatment booking. Many of our clients are surprised to learn that this massage is available in the comfort of their own home, without a trip to a spa! There are so many hot stone massage benefits that we really recommend you give it […]

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Pregnancy Massage Benefits

What is a pregnancy massage and what are the benefits?

What is a pregnancy massage? A pregnancy massage is a specially adapted gentle and soothing massage tailored specifically for the mother-to-be. As a term, ‘pregnancy massage’ applies to any hands-on massage treatment for a woman during her pregnancy. It can therefore vary enormously in terms of what it consists of. However, for many women, pregnancy […]

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person giving another person a massage

Keeping that post-massage feeling – top tips for massage aftercare

That pure sublime post-massage bliss is a feeling that you want to bask in for as long as possible. Here we share our best massage aftercare advice – from why you need to drink water after your massage to how to relieve pain. Armed with these tips, you’ll be able to maximise that post-massage feeling […]

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Deep Tissue Massage

What is a deep tissue massage and what are the benefits?

Deep tissue massage is a fantastically rejuvenating massage technique typically used to alleviate aches and pains from exercise or musculoskeletal issues. Deep tissue massage benefits are wide ranging but include bringing relief from sports injuries, a sense of wellbeing and relaxation, increased circulations and reduced inflammation.  Here we look at what a deep tissue massage […]

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What Is A Swedish Massage

What is a Swedish massage and what are the benefits?

When you think of a classic massage, you’re actually thinking of a Swedish massage. It is the most commonly practised massage therapy and offers you a wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Here we cover all you need to know about this type of massage, and explain the Swedish massage benefits. So you can look forward […]

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Secret Spa at Camp Kerala

Secret Spa were delighted to be invited by Camp Kerala to provide the spa treatments at their exclusive luxury glampsite accommodation for Glastonbury 2019. The occasion called for something special, so we partnered with our friends and skincare experts at OSKIA to develop new treatments to indulge the guests. OSKIA use cutting-edge biotechnology and 98% […]

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Which massage is best for me?

Deep Tissue Massage What to expect? During a deep tissue massage treatment, the masseuse will shift their body weight to apply a range of pressures. For a deeper massage the therapist will use more pressure. This will help increase blood flow. For your deep tissue treatment you can ask your masseuse for a full body […]

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What To Expect From Your Mobile Massage?

What will the therapist bring and what should I prepare myself? Prepare a space for the massage bed, these are about 6ft long and 2ft wide. It may help to put the heating on to warm up the space beforehand. This ensures you are comfortable throughout the treatment. Your therapist will bring everything else for your […]

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