Freedom Day Beauty Routine

The ultimate Freedom Day beauty routine

Your beauty calendar to get you ready for Freedom Day. We’ve been given the green light. The day we have all been waiting for is finally in sight. After what’s felt like a lifetime in lockdown (483 days to be exact), 19 July a.k.a Freedom Day can’t come soon enough. We’re all frantically trying to […]

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Types of Manicure

Your complete guide to the different types of manicure

Mobile nail technicians bring you a glorious selection of choices when it comes to your manicure. It can be like sitting in front of a menu in your favourite restaurant, selecting what fabulous combination you’re going to have today. But it can also be a little confusing! There are so many different types of nail […]

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DIY Pedicure

How to do a pedicure at home

It’s an indulgent moment of self-care and has the benefit of giving you gorgeous, show-off toes – a DIY pedicure at home is a ritual we all love. But do you know how to do a pedicure at home to salon-level glory? How do the experts manage to get everything looking so perfect and leave […]

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Pedicure After Care

How to make your pedicure last longer

Pedicures are one of the favourite spa treatments. Not only do you get to enjoy a relaxing foot treatment, you get to leave with professional looking shiny and shapely nails. How long should a pedicure last? We all want our pedicure to last as long as possible – we want that ‘salon-fresh’ vibrancy and shine […]

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Gel Nail Removal

How to remove gel and acrylic nails at home

Both gel and acrylic nails give you long-lasting high intensity nails. From bold striking plain colours through to fancy designs, gel and acrylic nails are now the favourite choice for many. However, in your excitement to get these professional nails, you may soon find yourself wondering how to remove gel or acrylic nails. Gone are […]

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Gel Manicure Guide

Everything you need to know about gel manicures

What’s not to love about an indulgent long-lasting gel manicure? For glorious shine that is virtually indestructible, you can’t beat them. Their long-lasting high-intensity colour makes them ideal for holidays and special occasions, but also for everyday life too. What is a gel manicure? A gel manicure involves a gel-based polish which needs a UV […]

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Gel vs shellac nails

What’s the difference between gel and shellac?

When it comes to shellac or gel, you’re not alone trying to untangle the definitions. Both will leave you with an outstanding manicure or pedicure.  You don’t need to spend hours doing a comparison of shellac nails vs gel. But it is worth understanding the basic differences so that you know what is possible with […]

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Glossy Beauty for Rosie Fortescue Rainbow Campaign

We’re proud to have collaborated with Rosie Fortescue on the campaign for her new jewellery collection. The Rainbow collection, which nods to this month’s Pride campaign, was inspired by Rosie’s love of colour and recent trips to India. Secret Spa professionals created natural, glossy make-up and nails that allowed the jewellery to shine. Dewy, bronzed […]

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How To Care For Your Gel Manicure

How To Make Your Gel Manicure Last? Gel manicures have revolutionised our nail care routines and are the best option for fast-drying, long-lasting nails. A gel manicure should last for up to two weeks, but we have a few handy tips from the beauty therapists we work with to make them last even longer. Gel […]

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