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Pedicure After Care

How to make your pedicure last longer

Pedicures are one of the favourite spa treatments. Not only do you get to enjoy a relaxing foot treatment, you get to leave with professional looking shiny and shapely nails. How long should a pedicure last? We all want our pedicure to last as long as possible – we want that ‘salon-fresh’ vibrancy and shine […]

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Sleep Tips

Top tips for getting better sleep

Getting enough good quality sleep is vital to your wellbeing. It helps with weight management, enables you to concentrate better, reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke, helps you stave off depression and even boosts your immune system.  But hearing about the bountiful benefits of a good night’s sleep and a good sleep routine […]

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Beauty Trends For 2021

9 top beauty trends for 2021

2021 is here and with it the promise that times should get better, even if we’re experiencing a bumpy start! The good news is that beauty is something that you can indulge in, even in the depths of coronavirus restrictions. The beauty trends for 2021 reflect the world around us, with a focus on self-care, […]

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Guide To Hair Dye

What are the different types of hair dye and colour techniques?

At Secret Spa, we’re here to ensure that all of your hairdressing needs can be taken care of, at home. This also applies to having your hair coloured. But we know that it can seem a little daunting, trying to work out exactly what you want done. Of course, you can always speak to your […]

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Deep Tissue Massage

What is a deep tissue massage and what are the benefits?

Deep tissue massage is a fantastically rejuvenating massage technique typically used to alleviate aches and pains from exercise or musculoskeletal issues. Deep tissue massage benefits are wide ranging but include bringing relief from sports injuries, a sense of wellbeing and relaxation, increased circulations and reduced inflammation.  Here we look at what a deep tissue massage […]

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Wellbeing At Home Tips

Our favourite at-home self-care & wellbeing habits

With Covid-19 causing all of us to feel stressed, low and like every day is the same, we need to up our self-care habits. Our working from home wellbeing agenda needs some TLC of its own and we need to make sure we’re including daily self-care habits in everyday life. Taking care of your wellbeing […]

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Winter Facial Benefits

Reviving winter skin with a facial – 10 benefits of facials

The benefits of facials are wide-ranging for any time of the year. But there are particular reasons why a facial is the perfect pick-me-up for tired and sluggish winter skin.  Winter and your skin Whether it’s dryness and irritation from a blustery wind, itchy redness from sitting in front of a roaring fire, or a […]

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Gel Nail Removal

How to remove gel and acrylic nails at home

Both gel and acrylic nails give you long-lasting high intensity nails. From bold striking plain colours through to fancy designs, gel and acrylic nails are now the favourite choice for many. However, in your excitement to get these professional nails, you may soon find yourself wondering how to remove gel or acrylic nails. Gone are […]

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IV Drips

IV Drips – Frequently Asked Questions

It’s no surprise that we’re all more conscious of our health and wellbeing than ever before. A little while back, Secret Spa partnered with Effect Doctors™ to bring intravenous drips safely to your home. Ever since, our IV drips have become increasingly popular. IV drips are packed with vitamins and minerals, bringing a whole host […]

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