Decléor Vitamin Glow Facials With Secret Spa

Decleor Facial

Secret Spa have added Decléor’s celebrated Vitamin Glow facials to our selection of luxury treatments.

We are the only at-home beauty service offering ‘The Ultimate Vitamin Glow’ and ‘The Vitamin Glow Facial’ by Decléor.

The treatment achieved cult status after New York Fashion week, where models from top agency ‘Models 1’ were given the facials, taking to the runway with glowing, hydrated skin.

About Decléor

Decléor has been a game changer in the skincare industry for more than 40 years. Combining nature’s purest and most potent active ingredients, Decléor scientifically selects and masterfully blends premium essential oils. Understanding that beauty and wellbeing are intrinsically linked, Decléor offers a unique sensorial experience that visibly enhances your skin’s natural health and radiance.

Decléor recently assigned international make-up artist Wendy Rowe, with Decléor facial fans including celebrities such as Lisa Snowdon, Oprah Winfrey, and Adele.

About Decléor Vitamin Glow Facials

Vitamin Glow Facial

Power-packed with vitamins and antioxidants, the award-winning facial melts away stress. The treatment combines a rebalancing essential oil elixir, plus a warm decongesting mask, leaving the skin left purified, replenished, and perfectly glowing. This is perfect for anyone seeking radiant skin and instant results.

Decléor’s famous facials are perfect for all skin complexions and can benefit those with a combination of skin conditions. The treatment includes a double-masking technique that gives your skin the prescriptive facial it requires. You can also focus on either: hydration and radiance, purifying, nourishing, soothing, and lifting, or regenerating the skin.

The Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial

Unlike the Vitamin Glow Facial, the ‘Ultimate’ treatment starts with Decléor’s world-renowned back diagnostic massage. This is ideal for relieving tired muscles and tension. It then moves onto the facial, which is perfect for those of you seeking visibly radiant and glowing skin.

You can now book in for one of our Decléor facials, in the hands of one of our five-star-rated Secret Spa therapists.

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Emily Ewart-Perks, the founder of Secret Spa, commented: “As a premium brand, we always look to offer the most respected luxury products that deliver results. Therefore, we are absolutely delighted to be able to offer Decléor’s signature award-winning facials and be the first mobile beauty professionals able to do so.”

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