7 killer Halloween make-up and beauty looks to recreate at home

If there is ever a time to experiment with beauty looks, it’s Halloween. This year we’re going BIG! Whether you’re channeling your inner Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction or Harlequin from Suicide Squad, it’s time to get your glam on. We’ve rounded up the hottest trends and halloween make-up looks for the spooky season. Have no fear! We’ve got inspo and tutorials so you can slay the night away. 

Halloween nails 

Get into the scary spirit from head to toe(nails). Halloween nail art is a great way to give a more subtle nod to the celebration. With our easy guides, you can recreate this year’s haunting halloween trends (or use it as inspiration for one of our professional nail technicians to recreate)..

Barbed wire nail art

Elevate the nail trend of the summer to new frightening heights. It took so long to master our self-french mani, it would be silly not to put those skills to good use. Swap out your summer pastels for deep greens and oranges. Create the perfect French tip with a small, thin brush, instead of the nail polish brush. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect – it just adds more drama for the spooky season!

Clean your brush then dip it into a black polish. Slowly draw a line along the nail, starting at the cuticle and sweeping up towards the top of the nail. Allow to dry, then simply cross the original line with small horizontal lines to create a barbed wire effect. Super simple and super effective! 

Dripping blood nail art

It’s always worth investing in nail art tools that you will use time and time again. Once you have mastered the dripping look using a dotting tool, you can use it for all occasions. (Keep an eye on our Instagram for an upcoming tutorial).

Start with a nude base. Pour a little nail polish in a deep, purple colour onto a flat surface. Shade O Suzi Mio by OPI is perfect (OPI, £13.90). Dip the dotting tool into the paint and dot the polish onto the nail. Slightly lift up the tool and drag the paint up towards the end of the nail. Do this 2 or 3 times on the nail then connect each drip. Once dry, use your most trusted top coat to complete the look.
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Cobweb nail art

Cobweb nail art is so eye-catching and it’s really easy to recreate! Start by painting your nails with a deep colour, we love OPI Nature Strong in Onyx Skies for this look. Once dry, take a thin brush and the OPI Nature Strong polish in the shade Strong as Shell. Paint 4 vertical lines from the top of the nail down towards the cuticle.

Be patient with this nail art. Everything needs to be dry before you start the next stage. Finally, connect the 4 lines with a few curved, horizontal lines (how many you can do will depend on the size of your nail!) to create your web and voila!
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Squid Game nail art

It wouldn’t be a Halloween beauty guide without taking inspo from our latest obsession on Netflix, Squid Game! Simply paint the index, middle and little fingers with two coats of the OPI Nature Strong polish in the colour Onyx Skies. Finish the other fingers using OPI’s Nature Strong in Once and Floral. One the base has dried, take another OPI Nature Strong polish in the shade Strong as Shell, and fine line brush. On each of the black nails, paint the outline of a square, triangle and a circle. The shapes don’t need to be perfect, it’s Halloween after all!

Easy Halloween make-up looks

There’s no one size fits all for Halloween make-up! Sometimes simple is key, whether it’s rocking a red lip or a dark smokey eye. Or spend the upcoming weeks honing your MUA skills by practicing some killer looks. You don’t have to be a pro to master these simple but effective Halloween make-up looks. 

Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction make-up look










Channel sultry, spooky vibes with this Pulp Fiction inspired Halloween make-up look. Keep the base natural and glowy. Opt for a soft contour with pops of highlighter at your highest points. Use a black eyeshadow to create a soft, smokey winged liner, accentuated with some fake eyelashes.

The power is in the pout. We love the MAC lipstick in shade Ruby Woo (MAC, £17.50). A timeless red that you’ll go back to forever and here it’s the perfect tool to spookify your glam. Smudge a small amount of the lipstick around your nostril to create the perfect ‘just stepped out of a horror film, straight onto a fashion photo shoot’ vibe.

Jessica Rabbit make-up look

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Channel your inner drag queen with this accentuated Jessica Rabbit inspired look. Again, start with a simple base for this halloween make-up look. Make sure you cover your eyebrows with your base make-up. With a brow pencil, redraw your eyebrows on around an inch higher than the natural brow. Following your natural brow shape, but instead of a bushy brow, channel your 90s self by sporting a thin brow. We never thought we’d be re-creating the over-plucked look ever again!

Use eyeshadow to accentuate your eye socket by drawing a deep contour almost up until the fake brow. We recommend the shades of purple in the Anastasia Beverley Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol 5 (Anastasia Beverly Hills, £44.80). Create depth by starting with a vibrant purple then blending in darker shades as you move towards the outer eye. A great trick to make your eyes appear bigger is to add a white/really pale shade into the centre of the lid and blend. You can even add a slick of highlighter if you really want your eyes to pop!

Finish the look with a bold red lip and lots of contour on the decolletage area. Create definition by using bronzer around your bone structure and cleavage. 

Zombie Glam make-up look

via @jamiegenevieve

Who knew zombies could look so glam?! This simple Halloween make-up look is so easy to recreate. Better yet, you can have some fun with hair spray paint!

Start with a high coverage base using a glowy primer. Zombie or not, we’ve got to glow! A strong contour works well with this look, so don’t be afraid to layer up the products. Create a killer smokey eye with the Morphe 18H Sweet on the Hue Artistry Palette (Morphe, £20). The key to a smokey eye is to build and blend. Start with a neutral shade to create depth to your eyelid. Blend some muted purple shades into the outer corners of your eyes, then continue to add darker purples as you blend outwards. Take the brush right up to the brow bone when you are blending. The bigger the smokey eye, the better! For the inner eye, pack on some silver pigment and blend outwards. Finish with a statement black winged liner. 

Now for the fun part! Take a flash palette, a damp beauty blender sponge and dip into the green shade. Dab the green colour into the hair line and down the neck. Get creative and go wild – how often do you get to dress up as a glamorous zombie? Complete the look by covering your slicked back hair with silver spray paint.

If you’re looking for more Halloween beauty inspo or tutorials, keep an eye out on our Instagram @secretspauk. Or if you want to get the professionals in for a killer Halloween look, book one of our elite make-up artists to your home.