Autumn nails: the colours, ideas & trends you need to know about

Autumn is well and truly here. Crisp leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and the nails to match. We’ve rounded up the hottest autumnal nail colours, ideas and trends for the season. As the nights roll in earlier and the temperatures drop, there’s been no better time to have a cosy night in perfecting your seasonal mani.

3 easy autumn nail trends you can recreate

1.  70s Swirls

We’re loving 70s inspired swirls this autumn. We love a pop of colour even more. Mix and match your bright, statement colours with autumnal hues if you’re wanting to embrace the retro style. The great thing about these swirls is that they don’t have to be uniform. Use a thin brush to achieve this look, then let your freehand art flow. Simply start with the outline of the swirl, then fill the shape.

2. Festive stars

We’re firm believers that it’s never too early for festive nails. Jazz up your classic french mani, or opt for a nude base and let the stars do the talking. There are many different ways to master star nail art. Draw them using a small brush with a silver or gold nail polish. Or purchase some festive nail stickers. Stickers can be a great way to create some nail art trickery.

3. Sparkly french mani

French manicures are a classic nail trend all year round, but when autumn hits and the festive season is around the corner, it’s time to upgrade your mani. Use a silver or sparkling polish to elevate this look. The trick with french tips is to not attempt them with the brush that comes in the nail polish. Always draw them with a thin brush, following the natural free edge of your nails as a guide.

Top 3 nail colour trends for this autumn

1. Deep burgundy

It wouldn’t be an autumn nail trend guide without mention of autumnal hues. If there is a nail colour of the season, it’s burgundy. Whether it’s a block colour or you’re focusing on the french tips there is a shade of burgundy for every style. A matte top coat is a unique way to mix up this nail trend for 2021.

2. Burnt orange

Burnt orange is a show-stopper this year, we’re seeing it everywhere. The lasting memories of Halloween’s pumpkins inspires this nail trend. We’re loving this twist on a french mani. Start by creating the french tip with your chosen orange colour. Then using a thin brush with some white polish, follow the line where the free edge ends. The more you practise with your thin brush, the slicker your lines will become.


3. Classic red

Red nails will never go out of fashion. We’re loving vibrant colours this autumn. A classic red is a nod to the upcoming festive season without needing to put the Christmas decorations up. Finish off with a glossy top coat to keep your mani looking sleek.


Some other nail ideas to try:

1. Reverse mani

We’re seeing lots of variations of the french manicure this season. Try following the outline of the half moon shape above the cuticle with your desired polish. Fill the rest of the nail, leaving the crescent bare. Or flip the classic french tip vertically, following the line of the nail bed with your chosen colour as opposed to the free edge.



2. Glitter gradient

Inspired by the frosty mornings? Glitter can be really fun at this time of year. We always find that less is more! If a full coverage glitter nail isn’t for you, then try an ombre effect. Start painting at the top of your nail and brush down towards the cuticle. This will create a natural fade in the glitter. Or try using a small sponge to create this look. Add the polish directly to the sponge and begin to dab onto the nail. Build the coverage at the edge of the nail whilst blending the glitter down the nail, again creating a gradient effect. This nail art is so simple and looks so magical under festive twinkling lights.


3. Geometric lines

Try something different this season with some quirky styles and shapes. If you’re new to the trend, use neutral colours. Start with a nude base. Once dry, lay a piece of tape vertically ¾  of the way across your nail. Ensure the tape is stuck down properly. Taking the polish colour of your choice, paint the remaining quarter of the nail that isn’t covered with the tape. It is really essential that you let the polish dry at this point. Slowly begin to peel off the tape, fixing any imperfections with an orange stick. The aim is to have a neat, straight line. Seal with a shiny top coat.

Now you’re ready to win the autumn nail game, it’s time to think about your full beauty regime as we prepare for winter. Think hydrating facials and subtle spray tans – channel some ‘I’ve just stepped off the plane from a fortnight of winter sun’ vibes, without leaving the comfort of your own home. Book in for some late autumn pampering with a Secret Spa professional.