6 Christmas party make-up ideas


Christmas festivities are in full swing and if you’re looking for some festive make-up inspo then consider this a Christmas gift from us to you. Our make-up artists are on hand to offer their professional advice on how to master the top Christmas make-up trends for 2021 and their top insider tips.

1. Classic red lip 

Is there anything more elegant than a festive red lip? From sultry and sexy, to a fun pop of colour worn strategically to jazz up an outfit, you can wear the red lip in a variety of ways. Keep your base simple, as the lips will do the talking. Secret Spa make-up artist, Loretta M., is on hand to offer some simple tips to nail this Christmas party make-up idea:

“A blue toned red like Ruby Woo from MAC will suit most people and will make your teeth look really white! Orange toned reds like MAC’s Russian Red bring out the warm tones in your skin and eyes.

“Begin by defining your lips with lip liner, starting at the cupid’s bow. Draw a line from the top outer corners, up to the cupid’s bow and join up the bottom lip. Fill in the lines with your chosen lipstick and use a concealer with a flat brush around your lips for a clean finish.

“My secret tip? Apply a gloss in the centre of the bottom lip to create the illusion of a bigger pout!”

2. All of the glitter 

The Christmas party trend of 2021 has to be…glitter! You can go as wild as you like. Keep it safe yet sparkly by lightly dabbing a glitter pigment over the eyelid. Or if you’re making up for not having a Christmas party last year, then it’s time to up the glitter ante.

We’re seeing so much inspo for this trend and we’re obsessed! It’s playful yet high fashion – think Gucci snow queen. Experiment with placement, colour and size of the glitter; there’s no better time than a Christmas party. Take a look at some handy hints from Ivory B. on how to master this Christmas party make-up look:

“When it comes to very fine glitter, a pinch of clear lip balm is all it takes. Blend a thin layer onto your cheeks and across your lids. Then take a small fluffy brush and blend the glitter onto your skin using small circles.

“For chunkier glitter, I recommend a thin layer of clear eyelash glue. Place the glue with fingertips where you intend the glitter to go. Remember, once the glitter is stuck, it will be stuck. For high-impact placement, a flat brush will do the job. Easily remove glitter with oil, my preference is coconut oil.

Chunkier embellishments such as diamantés and sequins won’t stay without a lot of lash glue. I like to add a small dollop onto the face and wait until it is almost completely dry before adding the adoration with tweezers. Because they are heavier, they have a tendency to slip unless the glue has started to set first. Hold with a fingertip for added support, then go conquer this holiday season!”

3. Pop of colour 

Channel your inner Mariah Carey and take centre stage with a bright eyeliner. Choose colours to complement your eye colour to really make them sparkle. We’re loving flashes of fuschia or neon green. Secret Spa make-up artist Sophia C. divulges how to get the  the perfect liner every time:

“My favourite products to use are the Plouise Eye Bases which come in a variety of vivid colours. Their colour payoff, creaminess and staying power are what you need when it comes to a bold liner. Use with the MAC 263 flat angled brush and there is no going wrong!

“My ultimate top tip is always trace a straight edge to create your desired flick with the angled brush before filling in the rest of the liner.”

4. Glossy skin 

During a season when our skin can be a little dehydrated, it’s no surprise that we’re loving a super glossy, dewy glam. It can be daunting trying to attempt this make-up look. But with some helpful tricks from our make-up artist Adam M., there’s no chance you’ll be channelling post-gym class vibes:

“For a soft dewy look I tend to prep the skin with moisturiser and a hydrating primer. After foundation, I only powder the centre of the face and leave the cheeks bare. This creates the most natural glow without you having to add lots of heavy highlighter.

“When using highlighters for this look, choose a shade that matches your undertone. For example, try a hint of gold for warmer skin tones or pink shades for a cooler skin tone. This will give you a wintery glow whilst not overdoing the highlighter.”

5. Plum pout

Deep purple lips ooze opulent, festive glamour. When choosing your shade, always head to make-up counters and test the colours against your skin tone. We love a stripped back, bright eye to accentuate a plum lip, as recommended by Maya C.:

“I love Nars Powermatte Lip Pigments. They come in deep shades that are very pigmented and they are long lasting! Try to match the lip liner to the lipstick to create a perfect, crisp lip line. This will also make it last longer and the lipstick will be easier to apply. I like to keep eye make-up quite light when choosing a statement lip, just remember to conceal under the eye with a brightening concealer.”

6. No make-up make-up 

The ‘no make-up make-up’ trend has been prolific in 2021, and is still going strong this Christmas.It’s all about enhancing what your mama gave ya. Don’t overthink this look. It’s simply about minimal products for maximum natural beauty. Make-up artist Annie-Mae D. offers her expert advice on how to achieve this look:

‘Use mostly cream products and minimal powders to keep a ‘skin-like’ appearance. Prepping the skin correctly makes a massive difference and helps to create a glow. I like to use Weleda Skin Food or the Embryolisse Day Cream.

“Start with a small amount of the IT Cosmetics CC cream for a base. To keep the look bronzed, use a light amount of cream contour and use it sparingly in upwards motions to enhance your natural features. Cream blush, such as the Spectrum Pinch Pots, are a must for a fresh youthful look. You can double up and use this product on the lips to tie everything together. I always like to finish with a nude gloss.”

If you still need help with your Christmas party make-up look, why not hire one of our expert mobile make-up artists? Get a gorgeous and glamorous look in the comfort of your own home, hotel or office.