Go-to hairstyles this summer you’ll wear again and again

Summer Hair

If you’re looking for easy summer hairstyles to pull off this year, then you’re in exactly the right place. This year it’s all about the boho look – so beachy waves are popular, as are any hairstyles with a creative edge. 

The warmest season is all about sunshine, flowers, outdoor events, parties and weddings. Whether you want summer hairstyles for long hair, short hair or anything in-between, anyone seeking top summer hairstyles need look no further than the following guide. 

Whether you’re wondering how to style curly hair for summer, are seeking a simple up-do or are wondering how colour could make your short locks come to life in the warmer months, read on to find the perfect summer hairstyles to suit your lifestyle. 

Summer waves

Beach waves with a braid

This style creates a very boho look to take you anywhere. When done well, it’s one of those summer beach hairstyles that can even work at a formal occasion, such as a wedding. 

You can wear a pair of plaits to each side, joining at the back if you like to create a single braid. This will sit smoothly over wavy hair to add interest for a simple, natural look. 

Hollywood or vintage style waves


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For a more elegant look, vintage or Hollywood style waves emulate your favourite silver screen starlets to create a glamorous image ideal for a hot date or wedding. 

This look requires some hairdressing skill and/or practice, as well as having the right tools – or a professional stylist – at your disposal. While it’s not exactly one of the new summer hairstyles, this elegant style from the past is certainly big news right now. 

Shaggy, loose waves with a full fringe


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Easy does it with the loose, flowing waves look, topped off by a full fringe to draw attention to the eye area. It’s one of those cute summer hairstyles for medium hair or longer locks that creates a natural yet well-groomed appearance. 

The basis of this one starts with a really good cut, followed by the right products and tools to create shaggy waves and a neat fringe.


Messy hair up with hair accessories

Let the accessories do the hard work with this look that is one of the easiest summer updo hairstyles for long hair you can achieve. This can also work as one of the best protective hairstyles for summer when you want to guard your crowning glory against the heat of the sun. 

Shop around till you fall in love with a gorgeous hair accessory, then pile it all up and secure as appropriate. This creates a look that’s centred on the star of the show. 

Half up-do, half wavy

When you’re seeking cute summer hairstyles for curly hair, how about harnessing the best of both worlds with a half-up, half-down hairdo?

You’ll need to work those natural or stylist-created waves for this one, allowing your locks to flow like a waterfall from beneath the section secured in an up-do. Again this is an ideal way to show off your favourite hair accessory. 

Classic & stylish buns for more formal weddings and events

A smart bun never goes out of fashion, and creates the ideal ballerina-like look to top off that more formal outfit bought for a special occasion. Whether it’s a graduation or a wedding, this is one of those deceptively simple summer hairstyles that will take you anywhere. 

You can wear a bun as a topknot, with a peak that’s level with the top of your head or in a lower-slung style above the back of the neck. Most begin with a ponytail, and you can also add braids if you like for a more boho look. 

Summer colours

Shiny hair with vibrant colours

When you haven’t necessarily got a lot of hair to play with, one of the best summer hairstyles for short hair or slightly longer tresses is a colourful one. Here, shiny and vibrant locks are the star attraction, drawing attention to your crowning glory in a more obvious way.

There are some glorious shades to experiment with here, though it’s best to put yourself in the hands of an experienced colourist. Whether you go for sultry red, dynamic violet, deep blue or a combination of pastels, your stylist has the expert know-how to ensure you end up with shiny, healthy-looking hair. 

All shades of blonde hair


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Whether you want cute summer bob hairstyles or something for longer or shorter locks, blonde tones always work well for creating that hot weather, beach life look that’s so evocative of the summer season. 

Options range from the lightest, coolest almost-white tones to deeper, warmer shades with hints of red for a strawberry blonde look. From a single shade you adore to multi-tonal highlights that create texture and movement, all shades of blonde are making waves right now on the hairstyling scene. 



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If you’re not familiar with what all the fuss is about, balayage refers to a hair-colouring technique that involves painting dye onto sections by hand. The intended effect is one of highlights, lowlights or vibrant colours sweeping across the surface of the hair.

Your stylist can use the balayage technique with natural tones or more dynamic hues, and you can pick between contrasting and complementary shades. Creating this style doesn’t require the use of foils, and it’s one of the top summer hairstyles that everyone can get on board with.

Sun-kissed light to dark hair

Adding natural-looking sun-kissed highlights to darker hair can be a great way of adding colour, movement and the illusion of fullness. If you’re going for the curly girl look, this technique can also help to highlight mermaid-style waves or spiralling locks.

Again it’s best to work with an experienced stylist, particularly when you want to create a more organic appearance mimicking the work of the sun. Foils or the balayage technique may be used here to achieve the look you want, so consult your colourist to find out what they recommend as best. 

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