How to get the perfect brow: our ultimate eyebrow shaping guide

Your eyebrows are the frame for your face, and as such for better or worse, they can define the rest of your look. Gone are the days of tightly-plucked 90s eyebrows; now, it’s all about full, natural brows. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help them along the way and tame them with these eyebrow shaping methods. 

This foolproof eyebrow shaping guide from our brow experts will teach you everything you need to know about how to achieve the perfect brows. 

What eyebrow shape will suit me?

If you never worked out your face shape using a Cosmo quiz as a teenager go ahead and do it now, because it is one of the best ways to determine what eyebrow shape is going to suit you! If nothing else, it’s a bit of fun and forces you to look at your face and brow shape with an open mind.

Then, take a look at our tips below, to work out the best eyebrow shape for you:

A round face is about as long as it is wide, with full cheeks and a rounded jawline. Our key top eyebrow shaping tip for round faces is to opt for a soft brow with a high arch, which draws the eye upwards and lengthens the face. 

A heart-shaped face tapers naturally from a wider forehead towards a more pointed chin. For this face shape, choose a soft brow with a low arch towards the centre of your eyebrow, which will balance your face. 

An oval face has high, prominent cheekbones and a soft jawline, with a long, slim face. The lucky owner of this face shape should be led by their natural brows, which they can enhance with a softly tapered far arch. 

A long face is narrow with your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline a broadly similar width, and the length the longest measurement. To add width to your face, choose a flat, straight brow with a very light arch.

A square face has a wide and angular jawline, with strong cheekbones and an even width. Go for a classic, high arch to soften your features and elongate your face. Add a long, tapered tail for extra slimming power. 

A diamond-shaped face is narrow at the chin and forehead and fuller in the cheekbones. You’ll suit a curved or even slightly rounded eyebrow shape, with an angled arch that tapers off upwards. 

Methods for eyebrow shaping

If you’re looking for in-depth guidance on the main different eyebrow shaping methods, then look no further than our guide to waxing, threading and plucking! If you’re just after a quick overview, however, here’s all you need to know… 

In general, plucking is no longer considered a good method for professional eyebrow shaping. This is because you risk causing permanent damage to your follicles, resulting in thinner brows with hairs that never grow back. 

Between threading and waxing, it’s really up to personal preference. Some people find threading more painful whilst others can’t wax due to sensitive skin; threading is more precise, but waxing is ideal for anyone with thick brows. It’s really your choice!

You can try out both with our expert brow technicians and see which works best for you, leaving plenty of time between the two approaches.

Professional vs DIY?

If asked, we would always say that it’s safer and easier to go with a professional; especially with eyebrows. One wrong move and your whole face can change! Your therapist will guarantee expertise and the highest standards of hygiene, as well as a relaxing spa experience – especially if you have them done at home. 

With a professional eyebrow treatment you can also seek expert advice. This is particularly important if you’re not quite sure what look is best for you. Furthermore, brow therapists do this so often they are fast, and as such, it’s one of the most affordable beauty treatments available. 

However, if you’re looking to save a little money (and you don’t mind paying a bit for some tools), DIY is possible. You just have to pay attention to a few key eyebrow shaping rules!

How to do eyebrow shaping at home

Once you’ve looked at our face shape guide above, you can use a little high-school geometry to work out the eyebrow shaping guidelines that will help you find your perfect arch. 

The start of your brow should align with the inner corner of your eye; the arch is the final point on a diagonal line from the tip of your nose through your pupil and up to your eyebrow. The end of your brow should align with a diagonal line from the edge of your nose to the edge of your eye.

Next, follow these eyebrow shaping steps to achieve the perfect look.

Always start with a clean face and brows. This will minimise the risk of post-tweezing pimples.

Once you’ve found your ideal eyebrow shape, use a pair of tweezers and precision brow scissors to clean up any stray hairs. You can either stop here if you’reafter a more polished look, or continue to pluck your eyebrows. But be careful, it’s easy to go too far! An alternative is to use a gentle cream wax to perform an at-home waxing. This can be tricky and you may find yourself dexterously figuring out different positions so you can still see what you’re doing. Beware of accidentally getting it stuck to your eyelashes!

We advise against threading at home, since it’s easy to cause injuries – leave that to the experts! 


Whether performed by a professional or on your own, we have some simple aftercare advice for eyebrow shaping. 

Make sure you apply soothing products, such as aloe vera gel or a gentle moisturiser. Avoid exfoliating products, makeup, or direct sunlight on the area for a few days and keep the area clean (that means hands off!) to minimise potential for acne or infection. 

Always follow your eyebrow technician’s recommendations, avoid the temptation to tweeze between appointments, and go forth and prosper with your beautiful new brows! 

Our pick of the best eyebrow pencils

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