Hair care tips for frizzy hair

frizzy hair tips

Frizzy hair can be the bane of your life, especially on a particularly damp day. We asked the Secret Spa hair stylists to share their top tips for taming the frizz. From hair care hacks to the best products for frizzy hair, read on to discover how you can combat frizzy hair to achieve silky smooth locks. 

The best products for frizzy hair

The best products for frizzy hair will be individual to you and your hair type. We therefore recommend that you chat with your hair stylist during your next hair appointment. They will be able to make personal recommendations tailored to your hair care needs. They can also offer advice on the best hairstyles if your hair is prone to frizz.

If you can’t wait for your next hair appointment, we advise looking for the following product types:

  • Moisture-based shampoo
  • Hydrating smoothing conditioner
  • Hair masks for dry hair
  • Serum or nourishing hair oil

In addition, if you’re styling your hair, particularly with heat, make sure you use curl defining gel. However, when you can, try to avoid heat – read on to find out why.

How to stop frizzy hair

Frizzy hair usually comes with one big problem: dryness. Many of the tips on how to get rid of frizzy hair focus on combating the dryness. If your hair is dry, it will be more likely to try and absorb moisture from the air around it. The trick is to stop it needing to.

Try these tips for frizzy hair:

1. Keep it dry but hydrated

Don’t over wash your hair, as this dries it out. Increase the gaps between hair washes, and when you’re not washing your hair, keep it dry, tying it up and covering it when you have a shower. At maximum, wash your hair just 2-3 times a week. 

If you struggle with root greasiness to begin with, just plough on. Your hair will soon adjust to this new routine and the natural oils will actually help tame the frizz.

2. Cold water rinses

In general, avoid your shower being too hot when you wash your hair. It’s really dehydrating for your hair (and skin!). So keep the water mild. At the end of the shower, rinse your hair under cold water (if you can bear it!). This seals the cuticles.

3. Use conditioning shampoos

Many shampoos are actually quite drying. Choose a moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Frizzy hair is notable because the fibres are misaligned. Conditioning shampoo helps to get rid of this problem. When you tame it while washing, it is easier to keep it tamed out of the shower too. Unsurprisingly, shampoos which mention frizz control are likely to be your best bet for frizzy hair products.

4. Get regular trims

Not only does a regular trim ensure you get some pampering you deserve (yes to head massages every time), it’s the best way to remove the split ends that expand upwards on the hair shaft, making your hair even frizzier. 

Aim to book a hairdressing appointment routinely every six weeks to keep those split ends at bay. By having it done at home with Secret Spa, you can fit the appointments in around your busy schedule and save time travelling to and from the salon. Plus, there’s no chance of ruining your fresh blow dry in the rain on the way home!

5. Ditch the towel

If you hop out the shower and bundle your hair up into a regular towel you will damage the cuticles and make the frizz worse. Instead, opt for a microfiber towel or a soft cotton t-shirt. This causes less friction and snagging. 

Believe it or not, a cotton t-shirt is a wonderful hair tool, especially for those with curls! Let your hair dry bundled in a t-shirt and you’ll keep your hair looking glorious. Try to let your hair dry naturally as often as possible, saving the hair dryer only for when you really need it.

6. Comb, don’t brush

Brushing can exacerbate the frizz. If you’re prone to frizzy hair then one of the best products to invest in is a simple wide-tooth comb. Use this to detangle your hair, preventing the breakage associated with brushing. If you do use a brush, make sure you clean it regularly.

7. Careful with the hair dryer

Standard hairdryers aren’t kind to frizzy hair. The hot air is drying and this just exacerbates the dryness problem you’ve already got with your frizzy hair. An alternative is an ionic dryer. Whichever dryer you use, always switch it to cool at the end to seal the cuticles.

8. Reach for the serum

Serum is a must-have amongst your frizzy hair products. It will calm the frizz, giving your hair a much smoother appearance. Serum aligns the hair fibres making them move freely over each other. A good serum will help you to fall in love with your hair, as it’ll feel gorgeously soft.

9. Nourish your hair with a mask

Use a hair mask to tackle the frizz. Choose masks designed for frizzy hair and these will lock in hydration while enabling the hair to handle external heat and humidity. Avocado oil and coconut oil are good bases for hair masks designed for those with frizzy hair.

Can you get rid of frizzy hair?

A fan-favourite way to reduce frizzy hair is having a keratin treatment – sometimes called a Brazilian blow dry. This treatment helps to make frizzy and curly hair look straighter, while also adding a glossy shine. These treatments last for as long as three to four months, so you can enjoy months of frizz-free hair! Book in with Secret Spa for a keratin hair treatment to help tame your frizzy locks. 

Some people are more prone to frizzy hair than others. But usually, just beneath the surface of frizzy hair are gorgeously thick and strong locks which, with the right care, can be one of your best assets. 

Choose the best products for frizzy hair, ensuring you choose moisture-rich options and a great hair serum. Follow our tips above and make sure you take your hair maintenance seriously with regular trims. Take extra care in the shower and keep your washing routine to a minimum with a focus on conditioning.

Fundamentally, keep your hair moisturised on the inside, so that it doesn’t reach for the moisture in the air, creating frizz!

Struggling with frizz right now? Use a moisturising hairspray to tame frizz in the moment. Alternatively, a quick smooth with coconut oil or your favourite anti-frizz serum can come to the rescue.

At Secret Spa, our hairdressers can provide tailored hair care tips for your particular hair type. We know that frizzy hair can be one of the most difficult hair types to manage, so having professional input can really help. Book your at home hairdressing appointment today.

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