How a hair cut at home works

Requests for home visits from hairdressers are through the roof in this current climate. The truth is that this will be the first time many of you are considering having your hair services at home, and may have a few questions about how it’s going to work.

Which style to go for?

As this is likely to be the first time you have this hairdresser, you should take some time to discuss your hair type and routine, and the exact look you want to go for. If you are simply looking for a trim, be specific about how much you want off and the types of layers you are used to having. If you are having a restyle, make sure that you and your hairdresser are on the same page about the look, with plenty of inspiration images. Make sure you point out the exact bits you like and don’t like from the image, and ask them how they think it would suit your own hair type.

Should I get a blow dry?

A blow dry is generally recommended for hair cuts, and is essential for a restyle. Finishing the hair allows you to see exactly how it sits when dried, and your hairdresser may then cut into the finished look to make the finishing touches. It will also mean you get that amazing post-salon feeling and irresistible shine.

How to make your at-home set-up comfortable

It is worth spending a bit of time setting up your appointment so that it mimics a salon environment. Choose a comfortable chair close to a double power socket, and make sure you have some space for your hairdresser’s kit. If you want to keep an eye on things, you may also want to place a mirror in front of you to check as you go. It is helpful to set up on a floor surface that is easy to clean. Your hairdresser will bring a mat to place beneath you to catch any falling hair, but there are likely to be some strays.

How is a home visit different to a salon?

The main different is that there aren’t any basins for hair washing, so it is generally recommended to wash your hair before your cut. Your hairdresser may be able to wash your hair over the bath, or give you their professional products to use in the shower yourself. However, in general you should be aware that you won’t be getting the same cleaning experience as in a salon. On the other hand, you have your hairdressers entire focus, you can watch the telly and drink your own drinks, and most importantly you don’t need to leave the house so you can stay with your children and don’t need to waste any time travelling around.

Is it safer than in a salon?

Generally speaking, we are being advised to avoid crowded, indoor environments with a flow of people to avoid risk of transmission. Salons are currently required to operate under COVID-19 Secure guidelines at the moment, but if you are still unsure, then having your hairdressing at home in an environment you are in control of could be for you. As well as avoiding the salon you are also avoiding public transport, and you can set up your appointment in an area with very good ventilation.

What PPE is worn?

Your hairdresser will wear a visor, mask and disposable apron. You will be provided with an apron and asked to wear a mask as well. All equipment will be sterilised before use and you are asked to provide your own towels for the time being.