How to have a relaxing bath – the ultimate guide

At Secret Spa we love to bring the sanctity, tranquillity and relaxation of a spa atmosphere and experience to your home. From the deep satisfaction of a massage to having your nails done, our mission is to bring the spa to you. But there are also ways in which you can create a spa experience at home without calling in the therapists. And the most obvious place to start is with a sumptuous bath. 

Many wonder how to have a relaxing bath. Perhaps you often get into a bath only to find you’re too hot and bothered just a few minutes in. From getting the perfect bath temperature and avoiding skin flushes, to how long you should be staying in the bath – we answer your FAQs. Here we dive into a bath of perfection, giving you the ultimate resource for how to create a relaxing bath.

Preparing for your bath

Often, where at-home spa-like baths fall down, is in a lack of preparation. It’s in the prep stage that you set the scene for everything to be as relaxing as possible. Here are our top tips for how to prepare for a relaxing bath:

  • Choose your time wisely: Ensure you won’t be disturbed and you have no pressures on your time to be somewhere or do something.
  • Create a spa-like atmosphere: Remove children’s toys, lotions and potions. Aim for a clutter free bath area. Then choose a favourite scented candle, as well as a few other non-scented ones, and place these safely around the bathroom, and dim or switch off the lights. Place a rolled up hand towel or bath cushion at the head of the bath to support your head and neck once you get in. Put on some relaxing music. 
  • Shower first: You’ll find your bath more enjoyable if you feel utterly clean getting in, and view the bath as pure indulgence. You can wash your hair in the bath, although it won’t ever quite feel as clean, but for a truly relaxing bath, get in ready cleansed. Whether you wash your hair in the shower or not, loosely bundle it up into a loose knot on the top of your head.
  • Think about afterwards: Preparing for the perfect bath means being ready to get out. If you’re not, you will ensure all that relaxation dissipates in moments. Have a bath robe and fluffy towels ready (Turkish and Egyptian long-cotton are the best!). But also make sure there are no glaring lights waiting for you when you emerge, and no jobs that need doing.

Running the ideal adult bath

Next, it’s important to know how to run a bath for an adult which will aid relaxation. Follow this process and you’ll have an inviting bath luring you into tranquillity:

  • Start running the bath at the right temperature: There is no such thing as the perfect bath temperature for adults. But there is a perfect bath temperature for you. That’s right – this is all a matter of individual choice. Generally speaking most people enjoy a bath which is slightly warmer than they are. Normal human body temperatures can vary by a couple of degrees, so what’s too hot for one, will be perfect for another. Aim for around 37°C to 40°C and you’ll hit the spot. So start running the bath at the temperature that’s your idea of perfect.
  • Fill the bath before getting in: Fill the bath as full as you can, knowing roughly how much to leave to ensure that when you step in, the water doesn’t overflow. The deeper the bath, the better. You want to step into a fully run bath, not sit in it whilst it is filling.
  • Choose your pampering: Like temperature, different people have different ideas of the perfect addition to bath water. Some choose bubble bath, some use essential oils and some opt for traditional Epsom salts.

Bubble bath

Bubbles are the height of indulgence, and if they matter to you, and you don’t react, then go for it. However, many people find bubble baths to be drying and it won’t leave you feeling relaxed when you have red itchy skin afterwards.

Essential oils

Some essential oils can make for a delightfully scented, richly decadent bath. Choose your oil wisely to make sure it isn’t one which will irritate the skin. Avoid the likes of peppermint, cinnamon, tea tree or thyme and instead opt for the soothing choices of camomile, lavender or rose.

Tisserand, makers of wonderful aromatherapy roll-on essential oils, explain that essential oils don’t disperse easily in the bath on their own. They recommend mixing 5-20 drops of essential oil with 5-20 drops of solubol. Add this after you’ve run the bath.

Epsom salt

Does Epsom salt work? Well, the jury is still out on this one. Very little research has been done. However, generations of bath lovers have enjoyed Epsom salt baths, claiming they help to soothe sore muscles, and help the bather to deeply relax. One small study by Dr Rosemary Waring at the University of Birmingham found that there were higher levels of magnesium and sulphate found in the bloodstream after an Epsom salt bath. Magnesium has been shown to help reduce pain

Anecdotally, Epsom salt baths are loved and enjoyed the world over. They are certainly not harmful. For a standard size bath, sprinkle 2 cups of Epsom salt into the running bath water.

What not to put in the bath

The number one thing we recommend avoiding for a perfectly relaxing bath is a bath bomb. Not only do they leave the bath feeling messy (and hard to clean), but they aren’t good for your intimate areas.

Your time in the tub

With all of the careful prep work, all that’s left is for you to climb in and go ‘ahhhh’ as you sink down into the heavenly waters. 

The optimal length of time to relax your muscles and your mind is between 15 and 30 minutes. There’s nothing stopping you staying in for longer, but do bear in mind it may dry out your skin.

For beautifully clear skin and effective cleansing, we recommend not cleansing your face in the bath, especially if you’ve added essential oils or Epsom salts. Just lie back and relax. There’s also no real need to splash your face with cold water after a hot bath, but you may wish to do this to feel fully rejuvenated. It will help to close your pores too.

Many people simply love to do nothing in the bath. However, it’s also a perfect spot for meditation to really deepen your relaxation further. 

Relaxed and Revived

There you have it – you’re now fully informed and ready to have the most relaxing bath ever. Or if you’d really like to treat yourself, browse our available treatments.