Tips for making your blow dry last longer

Blow Dry Aftercare Tips


There’s something so confidence-inspiring about a professional blowout. You know you look your absolute best, and so you’re desperate for it to last! Here we reveal our top tips to make your blow dry last longer.

How long does a blow dry last?

This isn’t an easy question to answer, as lots of different factors come into play. Firstly, there’s the nature of your hair. Some people’s hair simply holds its shape longer. Generally speaking, if you have a natural curl, you’ll probably find your blow dry lasts longer. Then there are the products used. Products used need to hold the style without weighing the hair down. Of course, there’s the professional skill of the stylist too.

Then there’s what you do after you’ve had the blow dry done, as this can affect how long it lasts too.

So, with all those caveats, we’d say that your blow dry will last up to 3-5 days, if you have it done professionally, with the right products, and know how to care for it afterwards.

A Brazilian blow dry is a different ballgame. It uses keratin to create a semi-permanent ‘hold’ to your style whilst still allowing some flexibility. A Brazilian blow dry will last in the region of three months, maybe even more!

Tips to make your blow dry last as long as possible

1. Cleanliness matters

The oils in your hair make it flatten more quickly, therefore it’s good to start off with squeaky clean hair. It’s best to complete a couple of washes before the blow dry. For the same reason, try to minimise the amount of traditional conditioner. Not only does conditioner stimulate oil production, it also adds weight to your hair. The excess weight can effectively pull your style out. Choose a light conditioner and focus application on the ends, rather than the roots.

2. Have it done early

Maximise the first day of the blow out by having it done super-early, before you start your day. At Secret Spa we take blow dry bookings from 6am, so that you can look incredible all day.

3. Turn to cool

Professional stylists should always know this but, if you’re doing it yourself, check that the temperature is set to cool at the end of your blow dry. This really helps to set the style and it’s such a simple step to take.

4. And keep cool

As much as possible, stay in cool and dry environments to make your blow dry last. Heat and humidity make short work of undoing even the best professional blow dry. Really, the best place to be is inside, in a cool environment.

Similarly, try to avoid sweating. So yes, we’re giving you permission to skip the gym on days when you want your blow dry to stay fabulous! You really want to keep as much moisture away from your hair as possible. If you do exercise, wear a moisture wicking band and lightly spray on dry shampoo before you start. This will help to absorb the moisture.

5. Don’t touch!

Yes your hair looks gorgeous and no doubt feels wonderful against your face, but fingers off! When you touch it, you transfer grease and dirt, and this will pull out the style.

6. Think about how you sleep

Sleep is pretty much the enemy of your blow dry. You may have made it all the way through the day following the tips above, but then get to bedtime and boom, it’s all undone. The good news is that there are some tips for sleeping which will help your hair to look fabulous the next morning too. 

Start off by investing in a silk or satin pillowcase. This allows your hair freedom of movement and it won’t bend out of shape. Alternatively, a silk scarf is a good trick.

One of the best ways to make a curly blow dry last, but which also works well for most styles, is to loosely tie your hair up into a top knot. Think about how you lie on your pillow and arrange your hair right on the top of your head so that you aren’t squashing it in your sleep. Use a phone cord style hair band. This is less likely to leave compression marks on your hair. If you’ve had curls blow dried in, twist your hair up in the same direction as the curls – this really helps to make a curly blow dry last overnight.

There’s another bedtime tip which can help too. If you’ve got air conditioning or a dehumidifier for your bedroom, then use it. Humidity is the bane of a blowout’s life! What’s more, if you keep your bedroom temperature cool, you’ll sweat less which will help too.

7. Refresh, don’t wash

It’s tempting, when your hair starts looking less than wonderful, to wash it out and call it a day. Hold fire because you may be able to refresh things and get another day or so. Spray the front sections of your hair with a light mist of water and blow dry again at home. You may even choose to use a light formula serum. You can also apply a light spray shine – this is important if you’ve used dry shampoo which can leave your hair looking dull and flat. A light hairspray can also help as part of your morning refresh. And brush gently! 

8. Shower but don’t wash your hair

Obviously, you’re going to want to shower. But as we’ve said, moisture is your blow dry’s enemy. So again, pop your hair into a loose top knot and cover it with a shower cap. Try to avoid long and steamy showers. Once you’ve finished in the shower, make sure you leave the bathroom as quickly as possible, into drier cooler air.

A professional blow dry at home is a perfect way to look incredible. Follow the tips above and you’ll keep looking that way for as long as possible.