Top tips for making your make-up last longer


How to make make-up last

You put in the morning effort, but you know you’ve got a busy day ahead of you – so how can you make your make-up last all day? Once you’ve got through dressing, commuting, working, exercising and socialising, is it even possible to ensure that your make-up lasts?

We decided to chat to some of our professional mobile make-up artists for their top tips on getting your make-up to last longer. Here we share the important steps towards make-up application that stands the test of time.

1. The prep work matters

This is a biggie which we are sure many of us underestimate! It’s really important that the blank canvas of our skin is in tip top shape. Dead skin cells which haven’t been buffed away, or traces of sebum and grime which require your make-up to have the sticking power of Velcro, won’t help your make-up last a long time.

To make sure that the blank canvas of your face is perfect for make-up application that will stay put, ensure you exfoliate around 2-3 times each week. Then, cleanse your skin morning and night. In the evening, remove all the make-up from the day with a double cleanse, as any residue won’t help you when it comes to the next day.

In the morning, follow your face wash with a toner, moisturiser, and a serum. This will ensure your skin has a beautiful radiant glow and a smoothness that makes for an excellent make-up base.

2. Prime your skin

The very first stage of lasting make-up application is a two-stage primer process. Primers are the unsung heroes of flawless long-lasting make-up. They smooth everything out, and create an even better blank canvas. They also act somewhat like a barrier, stopping your foundation from simply disappearing into your skin through absorption.

First, use a face primer which smooths out blemishes and fine lines. Then add on an additional eye primer. Eye primer will do wonders for showing off your eyeshadow throughout the day.

We recommend choosing oil-free primers so that they don’t act as a slippery surface for the rest of your make-up.

3. Next, think layers

Firstly, choose an oil-free foundation (again, so that it stays put). Your foundation is going to continue to smooth your complexion. Our professional make-up artists recommend applying foundation, concealer and powder in thin layers. It’s this layering which really helps to ensure your make-up looks flawless, but it also helps it to look its best all day long.

Pop your powder into your bag and have it with you throughout the day. Reapplying creams is tricky, but a quick reapplication of powder can leave you looking fresh faced again in moments.

4. Use setting powder

When you’ve applied all of your complexion products, the key to getting it all to stay put is to use a translucent setting powder. This will remove any of the excess oil that remains, which is what causes make-up to shift. 

5. The power of priming spray

Next you will be moving onto your eye make-up. Before you begin applying your eyeshadow, dip your brush into priming spray. This is a little trick that helps the pigment to remain intense all day long.

6. Opt for waterproof

For your eyeliner and your mascara, choose waterproof options. These are far more likely to look vibrant all day long, but they are also much less likely to smudge, helping you to avoid a worn look. 

Of course, another secret to always-ready lashes is to have a lash tint or extensions. Then you won’t need to worry about mascara at all!

7. The secret of long-lasting lip colour

Lips are always going to be tricky when it comes to maintaining colour. Simply talking and eating quickly ensures the colour fades. You will need to reapply your lippy throughout the day so that it always looks fresh. 

However, a morning top-tip is to use a matte liquid lipstick and mix it with a little primer before applying. This little homemade concoction creates a longer-lasting tint than lipstick alone.

And apply it more than once! When you apply your first coat of lipstick, blot it with a tissue and then use a translucent finishing powder. Once you’ve done that, apply another layer of lippy. You can even repeat a third time for really intense colours and long-lasting lip colour.

8. Use setting spray

Now that you’ve applied all of your make-up, it’s time to use setting spray. All of our professional make-up artists will reach for setting spray when they have finished your make-up and it’s a tip that you can use every day to make your make-up last too.

It looks really natural, and effectively seals your make-up into place. Some people even like to spritz and refresh during the day with a setting spray too, especially after reapplying powder and lip colour.

Little tips to keep your make-up on all day

It’s not just about how you apply your make-up in the morning that determines how long it lasts. All of our make-up artists cautioned against touching your face, flicking your hair, or putting glasses on and off repeatedly, saying that the constant touching is a big reason why make-up ends up losing its intensity. This is good practice anyway, as touching your face may introduce dirt and bacteria which can then lead to an outbreak. They did, however, recommend using a blotting paper before reapplying any powder.

Keep your essential make-up items with you and you can quickly refresh your look whenever you go to the bathroom throughout the day. And of course, if it’s really important that you have super long-lasting make-up, then opt for a professional make-up session, which can be done at home, or wherever is convenient for you. With the highest quality products and expert application, you can be sure that your make-up will last as long as possible.