Tips for ensuring your wedding makeup lasts all day

Wedding Makeup


Your wedding day is set to be magical. From the moment you put on your dress, until you head off for your wedding night, you want to look your absolute best. That’s a tough test for any makeup, let alone on a day when you’ll be moving about, getting emotional, and having a dance. By choosing professional wedding makeup, you’re one step closer to ensuring your wedding makeup lasts all day. But what else do you need to know? Here are our top tips.


How to make makeup last all day for a wedding

1. Go mobile

The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding morning is rushing about from salon to salon and back getting hair and makeup done. If you do this, there’s a good chance your makeup will look weathered before you even get to the aisle.

Choose a mobile wedding makeup session to ensure your makeup is applied as near as possible to the moment you leave for the ceremony.

2. Pamper yourself the night before

One of the best tips for how to make wedding makeup last is to prepare an ideal blank canvas for your makeup to sit on. 

The night before your wedding, get your bridesmaids together and have a pamper session. Gently exfoliate your skin, removing any dead skin cells. Then cleanse again and moisturise. You’ll have flawless skin ready for your makeup in the morning. We don’t recommend using a mask so close to your actual wedding day. They have the potential to draw out impurities which can sometimes result in outbreaks or blemishes.

3. Don’t experiment with skincare

In the few weeks before your wedding, you may start to feel that you should be doing more to prepare your skin. There’s no need to start experimenting with new skincare regimes or products at this time as you could risk an outbreak or reaction.

Instead, a few months before, make sure that you’ve got a routine and set of products that ensure your skin looks and feels radiant and smooth. Stick to this right up until your wedding day.

4. But have a practice!

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a trial run with your wedding makeup. In fact, we highly recommend it. This is an opportunity to test out different products and techniques to see what you like best. 

It’s also a chance to ensure that you don’t have any unexpected reactions to any new products. 

You’ll also discover that your professional makeup artist knows exactly which products to use to ensure your makeup remains flawless all day. Primer will be an important part of this.

Make sure to ask which makeup your artist will be using on the day. You’ll need to buy some lipstick, and maybe other items, to ensure you have them to hand to touch up on the day! 

5. Designate your beauty buddy

Whether it’s a bridesmaid, a trusted family member or another friend, task someone with the role of beauty buddy. Ask them to carry your touch-up lipstick, a pocket mirror and any other items you may need. 

Ask them to keep an eye on your makeup and intercept when you need blotting or a touch up.

6. Layering and setting is key

A vital way to make makeup last all day for your wedding will be to take a layering and setting approach. Your makeup artist will be skilled at this.

This approach to applying makeup gradually builds up lighter layers which sink into the skin. The result is more flawless, and it also lasts longer.

Once your foundation is complete, you want to set it with powder. A mineral based powder, which allows your skin to breathe, is ideal for wedding days where you are likely to ‘glow’ a little more than usual. 

7. Choose matte

We highly recommend choosing matte makeup on your wedding day for several reasons. It wears off less easily, ensuring your wedding makeup lasts that little bit longer. 

There’s another reason too, and that is to do with your photos. There will be plenty of sparkle coming from your jewellery, tiara and dress, without the distraction of lip gloss or sparkly eyeshadow. 

Again, a professional makeup artist will choose the best long lasting products and have experience with which work best in photos.

8. Waterproof mascara will be your friend

It’s an incredibly strong bride who manages to get through the vows, seeing all her loved ones in one place, and a first dance with the love of her life, without a sneaky tear or two. 

Be prepared for it by choosing waterproof mascara that is up to the job. If you have lash extensions, make sure you time your newest lashes to be applied just before your wedding. Avoid false strip lashes. Losing a whole set can spell disaster!

9. Think about your hair!

We may be talking about makeup, but your hairdo will also affect how long your makeup lasts. An updo, which keeps hair off your face, will ensure that you aren’t repeatedly brushing hair away and, with it, some of your makeup. To help ensure your hair stays secured in your updo, don’t wash it on the day of your wedding.

10. Line your lips

Whichever lipstick you choose, it’s got a tough day ahead. Endless kisses and sips of drink with every toast will challenge even the longest lasting colour. Both line your lips and fill them in with lip liner. Then apply lippy, pat and apply a second coat. The colour will remain strong for longer.

Remember your beauty buddy too – they should be armed and ready with your lippy when you need it.


Enjoy your day!

At the end of the day, no one will notice any small changes in your makeup. So, having put these tips into practice, it’s time to put your makeup out of your mind and simply get on and enjoy your magical day. With these tips, you know how to make makeup last all day for your wedding, meaning there’s no more worrying to be done.

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