The 2022 make-up trends you need to know


If you want an insider’s perspective on the top make-up trends for 2022, look no further. Here at Secret Spa, our very own beauty experts and therapists have put their heads together to come up with all the Insta, Pinterest and TikTok make-up trends every fashionista needs to know about this year.

From dewy or glassy skin to space-age metallic make-up or pops of unmissable neon that echoes the aesthetic of the 1980s, these are the current make-up trends you should be aware of.  

8 hottest make-up trends for 2022

Natural dewy make-up 

The no make-up look is one of those make-up trends that never really goes out of style, but there is of course a very 2022 take on this particular look.

Nailing dewy skin is an art, and it all starts with the perfectly prepped canvas. Applying a matte primer is the first step, before adding a layer of illuminating foundation. We recommend Glossier’s shine controlling Priming Moisturiser Balance. Designed for oily or combination skin, the lightweight gel contains Marine Extract which reduces shine but, but balances the skin so it doesn’t appear dull or flat. As an added bonus, it also minimises pores, for an even more naturally filtered appearance.  

A well-blended, natural-looking blush then accentuates the cheekbones before a slick of glistening lip gloss gives the impression of a naturally glowing complexion. 

The key is to opt for natural shades throughout, so think peachy rather than deep bronze or bright pink when selecting your colour palette. 

Metallic make-up

Metallic make-up was big news in the 1990s – and now it’s back. We should point out that this is a much more subtle incarnation, channelling a softly shimmering look rather than full-on glitter.




From metallic eyeshadow and lipstick to nail polish in shades of silver, rose gold and bronze, the current metallic make-up style can be as cool or warm as you like.

You don’t have to spend a lot to capitalise on this glamorous look. Try adding a golden eyeshadow, a lustrous liquid eyeliner or a foil-like lipstick to your make-up kit for a subtle pop of metallic style that’s perfect for parties. 

We love Chantecaille’s Luminescent Eye Shades, Armani’s Eye Tint Eyeshadow and Glossier’s Lidstar.

White eye liner 

Another of the hot UK make-up trends making waves is white eyeliner: it’s one that many folk from Gen Z are embracing with open arms right now. 

While the classic flick is still the go-to look, many are experimenting with the pale eyeliner, including A-listers like Ariana Grande, Margot Robbie and Rihanna. On TikTok, the term ‘white eyeliner’ is getting millions of hits. L’Oréal Paris Matte Signature Liquid Eyeliner in 08 White is perfect for easily achieving a flick and is very pigmented, so there’s no need to go over it multiple times (we can only keep a steady hand for so long!). 

Top tips for wearing this trend well is to go for a light base, and to use lashings of mascara so your eyes truly stand out. 

Glass skin

Glass skin is another one of the hot beauty trends in make-up for 2022. So if you’re not yet in the know – what is it?

Originating in Korea, glass skin refers to a clean, flawless and translucent complexion. The idea is to look as if you’re glowing from within.

Taking great care of your skin is the key to glass skin. Start with a gentle cleanser followed by a hydrating toner, then layer serum and a moisturiser over these. You can then use a hydrating foundation and a sparingly applied illuminator to enhance that natural glow.

Regular exfoliation and facials can really help too – as can your lifestyle. Think fresh air, exercise and drinking lots of water.   

Blush draping

Also referred to as ‘colour glow’, blush draping involves using blush to draw attention to the natural curves and contours of the face.

This trend is not exactly new – it was first introduced during the 1970s by Way Bandy, a make-up artist who worked with the celebrities of the time.

Like contouring, blush draping focuses on enhancing bone structure – the difference from contouring lies in the brighter colours used to lift the complexion. 

Glossy lips

Shiny, lustrous lips is another trend with its roots in earlier decades, and it’s one Victoria Beckham endorsed by launching her ‘Posh Gloss’ in late 2021. On Insta, TikTok and the web in general, searches for gleaming lip products are way up, as are catwalk sightings of the look.




Glossy lips go really well with other current make-up must-have such as cream blush formulas, and wears well when layered over a base application of lip pencil in a shade to match the natural tone of your pout. 

If you think lip glosses are sticky, think again. The latest products are more balm-like, and therefore far more pleasant to wear. They also care for your lips at the same time – win, win!

Neon make-up or pops of colour

Subtle it may not be, but using neon make-up really can liven up your look. Eyeshadow that packs a powerful colour punch is tipped to be the biggest thing on the catwalk and in cosmetics for 2022 and beyond.




You can wear one or more shades, and whichever you choose, the key to pulling off this look successfully lies in the application. Always use a primer on your lids first to create a stable base, before using a flat and fairly small brush to stroke on the colour. 

You can add pops of colour in other ways. Go for winged eyeliner or coloured mascara in bright hues, or use a brightly-toned blush or lipstick to make your cheekbones or mouth the focus. 

More out-there ideas also include applying a holographic highlighter or some face gems to crown your look.

Glam bridal 

Our wedding make-up artists recommend the glam bridal trend if you’re tying the knot this year. After postponing their weddings due to the pandemic, brides are really ready to party, and to reflect this are opting for an ultra glam make-up look.


Wedding Makeup


This echoes the trends seen in bridal couture, where dramatic touches like huge bows, oversized veils, hoods, eye-catching sleeves, capes, corsets and voluminous skirts are what’s being seen in some of the latest wedding gown designs.

In the year of anything goes – including jumpsuits, mini skirts, tailored suits and even shorts – the same applies to your bridal make up. So if you want to ramp it up a notch, we say go for it. If you can’t go all-out glam on your wedding day, when can you? Especially if it’s been a long time coming.  Check out our wedding hair and make-up services for some professional input.

If you want to try out these trends for yourself, book in with one of our professional make-up artists!

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