Secret Spa at The Baby Show

We’re very excited to be at The Baby Show for the first time this weekend.

We know how difficult it can be to get to a salon in pregnancy or with a new baby, and Secret Spa allows you to treat yourself from the comfort of your own home.

We’re going to be treating The Baby Show VIPs to manicures, and have invited one of our top make-up artists to do make-up demonstrations created specifically for time-pushed mothers, who often only have a few minutes and one hand to spare.

It’s here in London at ExCel and you can still get on-the-door tickets with £4 off (standard price £22.50)

Hope to see you there!


Line-up of speakers include:
Louise Pentland
Neev Spencer
Ali Basitian
Olivia Siegel
Louise Broadbridge
Dr. Sarah Vohra
Annabel Karmel
Charlotte Stirling-Reed
Adam Shaw
Daisy First Aid
Lucy Wolfe
Clare Byam-Cook

Brands exhibiting include:
Silver Cross
Lidl Lupilu
Tommee Tippee

And of course Secret Spa!