The dos and don’ts of spray tans and waxing

Spray Tan & Waxing

Bronzed, smooth skin is a must for any social occasion, from weddings to a week in the sun. With summer upon us, many of us are thinking about waxing and tanning so we’re ready to hit the beach feeling confident. Even if holidays aren’t calling, we want to look sun-kissed and gorgeous at weddings, parties, BBQs and just because! But we don’t want to have to rely on the sun for a bronzed glow – the dangers of skin damage and ageing are very real. That’s why a spray tan is the perfect alternative.

But in order to get that golden glow and silky skin, there are a few spray tanning and waxing rules that you need to be aware of. Combining waxing and tanning can prove tricky, as after waxing your skin is extra sensitive and tanning may irritate the skin. It’s a combination that needs the professionals and we’re here to help.

To get the most from your spray tan and waxing sessions, here are a few points to remember to achieve a beautiful tan and soft, smooth skin.

Can you wax and spray tan the same day?

It’s tempting to book your tan and wax on the same day – but our Secret Spa therapists advise that when it comes to waxing and tanning, there should be at least three days between appointments.

After waxing, your pores remain open for up to eight hours, so if you spray tan on the same day, the tanning solution will ‘pool’ in the open pores, leaving dark spots across your skin – not the look you’re after!

As well as the aesthetic issues, if you tan too close to waxing, your skin won’t have enough time to recover between treatments and could become irritated and red. 

We know it’s a hassle to go back and forth to the salon. At Secret Spa we come to you, allowing you to space out your wax and tan so that you achieve the best look.

Should you wax or tan first?

Start with your waxing treatment – and you’ll find that the act of waxing also exfoliates your skin to remove any dead skin cells, to leave it primed for a flawless spray tan application. Waxing creates the blank canvas that leads to the best spray tans. 

Exfoliating your skin is an essential step to take in prepping your body before getting a spray tan, as the tan adheres much better to skin that’s been exfoliated. By booking your waxing treatment ahead of your tanning appointment, you’ll be taking care of exfoliation and removing unwanted body hair in one go. And that’s a big win in our book!

What happens if you wax after a spray tan?

Waxing after a spray tan can cause your tan to fade a lot faster than it should. If you’ve spent the time and expense getting a gorgeous tan, you want it to last as long as possible.

This is because your tan will be stripped off along with any dead skin cells and hair during the waxing treatment, leaving a patchy finish.

Not only will you be disappointed with the blotchy results – but you’ll be paying for a spray tan that simply gets waxed away!

If you’ve got the process the wrong way round and your tan is not the sun-kissed glow you were hoping for, then you can gradually build up your tan with a self-tanning tinted moisturiser, which if applied daily, will top up the colour over a few days. It’s a handy hint to get the best look!

Can I use a fake tanning cream straight after waxing?

If you are in a hurry to achieve a golden glow after waxing, it’s tempting to reach for the fake tanning cream or bronzer. It’s best to avoid this if you want to look your best.

As with a spray tan, bronzers and fake tans can also irritate sensitive skin post-waxing and the result won’t be the one you’re looking for. So, unfortunately, our advice applies to self-tanning lotions as well as spray tans. Remember, patience is a virtue!

Plan your perfect wax and tan!

To achieve perfectly sun-kissed, smooth skin you need to plan your appointments and make sure you leave plenty of time between waxing and a spray tan.

At Secret Spa, we make planning your appointments easy. Travelling to and from multiple appointments is both time-consuming and expensive, so let our mobile waxing and tanning therapists come to you. What’s more, who wants to run the risk of ruining your spray tan by wearing clothes too soon afterwards?! We’ll bring all the equipment to your home. Your spray tan will take place in a tanning tent so there is no mess – just flawless results.

Book your waxing and tanning sessions at times that suit your schedule and relax while your treatments take place in the comfort and privacy of your own home. With our at-home beauty service, there is no travel, no waiting – and no awkward journeys home while your tan dries and develops!