The 5 different types of lash extensions


lash extensions


Lash extensions are an easy way to instantly enhance your eyes and give you gorgeous lashes without needing mascara. There are several different options open to you when it comes to choosing your lash extensions. They can be tailored to give you the look you’re after through choosing the curl, length, and thickness of the lashes.

When considering lash extensions, it’s really helpful to understand the different options available to you. That way, you can choose lashes that give you the exact look you’re hoping for. Your Secret Spa lash technician will always be happy to discuss the best lash extension for your desired look.

Here we take you through the five main types of lash extensions and how they differ from each other. We also guide you through your options when it comes to the curl, volume, and thickness of your lash extensions. 


Different types of eyelash extensions

1. Classic individual eyelash extensions

The most popular type of lash extension has got to be classic individual eyelash extensions, which are also the most natural type. With these extensions, individual lashes are applied to your own natural eyelashes. For each natural eyelash you have, a synthetic lash is applied. 

Classic individual eyelash extensions, like all of the different types of lash extensions, can be customised based on the curl, thickness, and length of the lashes. You can learn more about this below.

These are the most popular type of lash extensions, as they give a natural look that can be dialled up or dialled down depending on the preference of the individual. These lashes create the effect of a natural mascara look, without having to apply makeup.


2. Hybrid lashes

Hybrid lashes combine the classic lash extension with the Russian Volume lash extension. Here, some natural lashes will have one individual lash added, and some will have multiple using the fan technique.

This is where the artistry of your particular technician really matters – hybrid lashes should be customised to enhance your natural beauty. The result is a beautiful and unique lash style that gives you more freedom than if you were to use one style alone.

The simplest approach for hybrid lashes is to use individual lashes to create the framework for the overall look. Then Russian Volume lashes would fill in any naturally occurring gaps, and add a feathery and denser look. 

Hybrid lash extensions are more flexible than choosing classic lashes or Russian Volume lashes. You can develop your own look and style much more easily by using a mix of the two. 


3. Russian Volume eyelash extensions

Russian Volume lashes bring the intensity, with a striking look to enhance the eyes. Volume lashes create a darker lash line which gives the effect of eyeliner, without the effort!

Rather than applying one synthetic lash for every natural lash, multiple individual lashes are used. A fan pattern is applied, using really superlight and superfine lashes, to give a gorgeously thick and plush set of lashes. 

With Russian Volume lashes you can expect a feathery look that makes your eyes stand out. Russian Volume is particularly ideal if you don’t have consistent and evenly shaped natural lashes. However, if you’re after a more natural look then classic eyelash extensions would be more suitable.


4. Infill lash extensions

Infill lash extensions are individual lashes or fans that fill the gaps in your lash extensions – whether that be classic, hybrid, or volume lashes. Most people top up their lashes with an infill around two to three weeks after getting their extensions.

As we explain in our complete guide to lash extensions, lash extensions are long-lasting but they aren’t permanent. You naturally shed and regrow eyelashes in a cycle. It’s important to note that this isn’t a uniform process – some of your lash extensions will go before others. 

How fast the growth of your natural lashes are will determine how fast your natural eyelashes shed. Everyone’s eyelash cycle is different, so some people will find they will need an infill at 2 weeks and some at 3 or 4 weeks.

The result of this shedding can be patchy and uneven eyelashes. With infill lash extensions, new individual lashes are applied to the new eyelashes which have grown since, bringing uniformity and luscious depth back to your look.


5. Ellipse eyelash extensions

Ellipse eyelash extensions refer to the shape of the base of the extension, which is oval. With classic extensions, the base is round. With an ellipse lash, the base is flatter and more oval-shaped. 

In practice this means that you get a slightly wider lash without adding any weight to the individual lash. This gives the appearance of thicker and fuller lashes which appear darker. 


Eyelash curl, thickness and length

You and your lash technician will also need to decide the curl, thickness and length of the synthetic lashes used. It’s helpful to have a reference picture of the look that you’d like to achieve.

These choices will determine your overall look and help you to achieve the style you want. Your Secret Spa lash technician will be able to offer expert recommendations to achieve the look you desire.



The lash curl refers to the arc or curve of the individual lash extension. This is defined by letters. 

C is the most popular curl chosen and gives a slightly exaggerated but natural lift to your lashes. C works for most individuals, even if you aren’t sure what look you want to go for. D and DD are a more defined curl, giving a highly glamorous and striking look.

However, there’s also a few other curls to mention. J is a great option for clients who want a very natural look – it’s quite wispy and subtle. LC is a good choice if you have naturally very straight lashes which are long. If you have downward lashes, LC extensions can help to create the style change you’re looking for.



When it comes to the thickness of your lash extensions, you need to consider the final look that you’re after. For classic lashes, 0.10, 0.12, and 0.15 thickness extensions are usually used. For volume lashes, 0.03, 0.05, and 0.07 extensions are usually used. It’s important to remember that the finer the lash, the fuller and fluffier your full set can be made.

At the beginning of your appointment, you should talk to your beauty professional to find out what curl and thickness would be best to create your desired look.

If you’re booking with us, you won’t have to worry about your lash technicians experience. All of our professional lash technicians are highly experienced in working with all types of lash extensions. Whatever your desired look, our technicians will be able to advise you on the best lashes to use, as well as the thickness. 



We recommend that you choose lashes which are just a little longer than your natural lashes. A good rule of thumb is to choose lashes up to 2-3 mm longer than your own natural lashes. For most people, this means choosing lashes which are 8-12 mm long. 

Don’t forget that our  lash technicians are highly experienced , and are full of great, reliable advice.  They will be more than happy to discuss which lash curl, thickness and length is right for your natural lashes and the look you desire. 


What is ‘the lash cycle’?

We’ve touched on the lash cycle when we explained infills, but there’s a bit more you should know about your lash cycle.

We’re all susceptible to lash shedding, it’s just what happens when we reach the renewal stage of our lash cycle. Your natural eyelashes grow, mature and shed in a continuous cycle. As lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes, when your natural eyelashes shed the lash extension will fall with it.

The average person has between 90-160 natural lashes per upper eyelid, and on average, we will naturally shed 2-5 lashes per day. Because of this, it’s popular to book an infill appointment for around 3 weeks after a full set.


What is ‘lash shedding season’?

In a similar way that animals lose their heavy coats for the hotter weather, we also shed our hair (including our lashes) for the change in temperatures to come. 

Summer weather can cause some clients’ skin to sweat and produce more oils which will affect retention, and winter weather with its lower humidity levels can cause lashes to become more brittle and fall out easier. In a regular lash shed cycle, we can lose up to 5-7 natural lashes per day, however this can increase dramatically in spring and autumn in preparation for the temperature changes. 

This is what’s referred to as ‘lash shedding season’.


Autumn and spring lash shedding

Eyelash shedding season occurs twice a year in spring and autumn when temperatures begin to change. There is nothing we can do to prevent this and there is no need to worry as it is completely natural.

Because of this, you will find you are losing more eyelash extensions than usual as your lash cycle speeds up. Our professionals would recommend to shorten infill times around spring and autumn.


Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Eyelash extensions do not cause damage to your natural eyelashes when they are applied properly. To prevent damaging natural lashes, lash extensions should be carefully selected (length and thickness) depending on the length and thickness of your natural lashes and applied correctly to one natural eyelash at the time. 

Because eyelash extensions are applied one lash at a time to a single natural lash, the natural lash can freely go through the growth cycle and eventually shed with the extension attached to it. Wearing appropriate eyelash extensions and following the advised aftercare does not influence the growth cycle or damage your natural eyelashes.


Does the type of lash affect how long it lasts?

Generally speaking, the type of lash that you choose doesn’t affect how long it lasts. However, bear in mind that when choosing longer and thicker lashes, you are adding more weight to your natural lashes. 

These heavier lashes may not last as long as choosing a lighter lash. However, the adhesive used is the same for all lash extension types. This means that your natural eyelash shedding rate determines how long your lashes will last, as well as how you care for them.

All lash extensions typically last 6-8 weeks but we recommend having infills done every 3 weeks to keep your lashes looking amazing. In our complete guide to eyelash extensions, we share with you our top aftercare tips to ensure your lashes last as long as possible. 


Enhance your natural lashes by booking lash extensions with one of our professional lash technicians at Secret Spa.