The 5 best wedding hairstyles for the chicest of guests


It can be tricky enough finding the ideal wedding outfit that works for the full day. But even once that’s sorted, you’ll still need to think about accessories, make-up and appropriate wedding guest hairstyles. That’s why we’re trying to make life a little easier with wedding guest hairstyles recommended by Secret Spa’s very own expert hair stylists.

This list of easy wedding guest hairstyles has you covered, whatever the season and however relaxed or glamorous your preferred personal style. Whether you need wedding guest hairstyles for short hair, curly hair or medium length, our expert suggestions provide a solution for everyone.

To find ideal wedding guest hairstyles for long hair, short hair or anything in-between, read on…

5 of the best wedding hairstyles for chic guests

A messy low bun

Laid back styles are the order of the day for those of us who prefer a more natural look. Whether you prefer beach waves or more ordered curls, both are right on-trend for modern weddings. 

Messy low buns are a loose style that can easily be let down for the evening when you want to spend the night on the dancefloor. It all starts with clean hair and a ponytail, and is quite an easy look to achieve. Here’s how to try it yourself. 

Start by tying a ponytail at the base of your head and dividing this into two sections. Next, twist each section in either direction so you have two long strands before twisting these together to form one long sleek strand.

The last step is to twist this strand around your ponytail before tucking in at the base. Secure the look by adding some hairpins and a spritz of hairspray to ensure all-day hold. If you want your hairdresser to help you achieve this look, show them a picture so they can see clearly the result you’re aiming for. 

A curly, loose chignon

Our hair stylists also recommend a low chignon created from masses of curling tresses. This is especially suitable for fine hair, as this style creates the illusion of lots of volume. 

To achieve this look, it’s best to wash your hair the night before, making sure you skip conditioner. This means the style is far more likely to stay in place, as your hair won’t be so slippery.  

For perfect curls and a chignon that stays just where you put it, it’s best to put yourself in the experienced hands of a hair stylist. Again, show them a picture of the style you like to help them see how you want to look. 

The first step involves curling the hair – unless you’re naturally blessed with curly hair, that is. There are then various ways to style those curls into a chignon, so see what your stylist might suggest according to what will work with your hair type.

The bouffant blowdry

The bouffant blowdry is an ideal style for those who want to create lots of volume. Our experts share their top tips for nailing the modern bouffant:

  • First, we recommend using Kerastase heat protection spray along with your regular serum. These products will nourish and protect the hair as you style it. You’re also going to need plenty of hairspray throughout this process. 
  • Next, you need to blow dry your hair carefully, using a small to medium sized round brush to create a series of bouncy curls. These should be clipped into place for ten minutes while the hair cools down.
  • The next step is to backcomb the top section of the hair to create lots of volume. A generous application of Kerastase or Moroccan Oil hairspray will help each backcombed section to stay in place.
  • Once you’ve created your bouffant on top, carefully brush out the curls with a paddle brush before adding more hairspray to secure. If you want to achieve a boho look, you could also add a pair of fishtail braids at the front before pinning at the back with hair grips. 

Hair jewellery

Another recommendation from our hair styling experts comes in the form of hair jewellery. This is ideal for those minimalists who prefer a less-is-more approach, as even the simplest hairdo can be cleverly enhanced by adding some well-chosen accessories.

With so many types to choose from, the possibilities here are pretty much endless. There are headbands that can be worn over the top of the head or placed from front to back for a more laid-back look. 

You can also buy small or large clips embellished with crystals, diamante or pearls, or a hair vine that can be secured in place by your stylist. Hair beads can also be threaded through thin sections, and used to decorate small plaits.

Whether you want long, loose waves or have a short, gamine crop, hair jewellery is ideal for ensuring you’re one of the most well-dressed guests at the wedding. Even if your style is very simple, hair jewellery can really bring the look to life. 

Elegant plaits

Plaited hair is big news this season, and elegant plaits are perfect for summer weddings in particular. They look great when teamed with floral, floaty or pastel fabrics for a boho-chic look.

For a more relaxed style, you can go for a long, loose side plait, or opt for a series of multi-strand plaits to create a unique, eye-catching hairdo. Also popular are half head plaits that change your appearance according to the angle.

If you know how to do a French braid, then this is a look you may be able to achieve by yourself, though you’ll need both time and patience to pull this one off. A pair of French plaits can look stunning, but will probably require the services of a professional if you want a neat, even finish. 

You don’t have to plait all of your hair, of course. Other options include a pair of front plaits secured at the back or twisted into a chic chignon, or a central plait lying loose over long, tumbling waves. 

If you need a hand in creating a wedding hairstyle with the wow factor, why not call on the Secret Spa stylists? They can travel to your home at a time that fits in perfectly with your busy lifestyle.

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