The chicest 10 wedding hair updos to try yourself

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One you’ve decided on a wedding outfit, how to wear your hair for the occasion may well be your next port of call. From a slick chignon or vintage-style waves, to a crown braid or a messy wedding updo, these are the top 10 wedding hair updos for 2022. 

Whether you prefer to rely on pretty accessories, want to match your hair to your dress or prefer a more casual look, this guide will help you pin down the best updo for the next big day on your calendar.

10 of the best wedding hair updos for 2022 

1. A low chignon

The low chignon is a classic and with good reason. This style keeps your hair neatly in place all day, and also makes it easy to wear a hat, if you want to without ruining your hairdo. An understated, elegant style that ties in well with a minimalist look. 

Although seemingly a simple look, it’s frustratingly tricky to reach the back of your head to ensure that every last strand is smooth and slickly-placed. . Nor to see the results of your efforts without a hand-held mirror. That’s where a professional hair stylist comes into their own, with their endless different and intricate ways to complete the low chignon look.

2. Half up, half down

The perfect in between for those of us who don’t want to commit to a full updo. Sweeping the front section of hair away from your face leaves plenty of space for a fascinator, and can also make your perfectly-applied make-up the focus of attention. It’s the perfect style for when you want to wear your hair down but also keep it off your face. 

It’s possible to do a simple version of the half up, half down ‘do yourself, but if you want the wow factor it is worth investing in the professional touch. Outfit-wise, anything goes with this one. 

3. Curly bun

Whether or not you’re blessed with natural curls will affect how easy this curly wedding updo is to achieve. Curling the hair is clearly the first step if your tresses are straight or wavy.

Typically a curly bun sits much higher on the head then a low chignon, adding height that can inject instant drama into your look. If you’re a wedding guest, this one’s great when you wear bright colours. 

4. Vintage up-do

Unless you’re a very accomplished hairdresser, you’ll need to call in the professionals for this one. Achieving an authentic vintage updo for a wedding guest or member of the bridal party takes both patience and the right equipment.

Sleek stylised waves are what this one’s all about, leading to smooth swirls of hair that have been carefully secured into place. Wondering what to wear with this one? A vintage or vintage-inspired dress of course; nothing else will really do!

5. Boho braid

There are various ways to pull off the boho braid even at formal weddings, and it’s one of the best wedding updos for long hair. You can wear all the hair on one long, loose plait; or secure a front section at the back of the head before braiding.

Other variations include plaiting sections from the front that lead towards the rear of the head, or leaving these as they are to frame the face. 

6. Relaxed low ponytail

The laid-back low ponytail is also a good wedding hair updo if you have longer hair. It’s pretty easy to replicate, but achieving the desired effect does depend on getting your hair to behave in the first place! So you may want some professional input for that special occasion. 

Wrapping a section of sleek hair around the ponytail band is the perfect finishing touch. When done well, the casual low ponytail should stay put all day and evening long. This look can really complement a smart suit. 

7. Undone messy bun

What’s the difference between a sleek chignon, a curly bun and the undone messy bun? Well it’s all down to careful styling that makes your tresses look a little less formal. As with the groomed no make-up look, it’s about making it seem like it was effortless. 

With the messy bun, pretty much anything goes. Straight or curly hair, and high on the head or sitting at the nape of the neck. This one provides a pleasing contrast to more formal looks, or can complement a floral or free-flowing look beautifully. 

8. Crown braid

The crown braid can involve creating a crown-style effect with braids to wrap around the head at the back. Or you may prefer to hide away the rest of your hair beneath your new ‘do’. Another possible variation is to twist those braids into a bun once they’re done.

A crown braid can work well for everyone, from the bride to the bridesmaids, or other wedding guests. When worn with formal clothing it introduces a relaxed feel, or when worn with a more casual outfit it can help create a more stylised look. 

9. Pearl accessories

Pearls are a wedding classic, particularly for brides and bridesmaids, but also for anyone attending the ceremony. They work for guests of all ages, and the neutral tone of classic pale pearls can complement any outfit. If you’re seeking wedding updos for medium length hair, some pretty pearls can detract from the fringe you’re still trying to grow out.

That doesn’t mean you have to stick to white, ivory and cream. Man-made pearls, like those by Swarovski, come in a range of shades and are thus ideal for matching to any outfit. It’s also easy to find handmade pearl hair accessories on craft store sites like Etsy. 

10. Flower accessories

Floral accessories are also a staple for formal occasions like a wedding. It should be pretty easy to find what you want in boutique high street stores or when shopping online, or again you can try specialist sites such as Etsy, Folksy or Vinted.

Flower accessories come in all shapes, colours and sizes, and again may be made using delicate Swarovski crystals or other pretty beads. They are ideal when used as part of wedding updos for short hair, as they can add interest and femininity to even the shortest crop.

Why not call in the help of a professional mobile hair stylist so you can look and feel your best on the big day? If you’re unsure of what style you want to go for, you can book in for a wedding hair trial ahead of the big day or chat to your hair stylist in advance for their recommendations.


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