What’s her secret? LVL Lash Lift


We talk to Heidi Sommerau, founder of luxury swimwear company Ayla Swim, about her favourite beauty treatment.

Heidi is a regular booker of LVL, the lash lift & tint by Nouveau Lashes and we asked her to shed some light on the treatment and the Secret Spa experience.


“I have naturally straight and short lashes so have always relied on eyelash curlers to get any lift and shape. Frustratingly despite trying all sorts of tricks my stubborn lashes always quickly revert back. After researching LVL and seeing the dramatic results I decided to try it out with Secret Spa and I am absolutely hooked! I love how long-lasting (about 6-8 weeks) and low-maintenance this treatment is. A must-do pre-holiday!”


“Booking an appointment through the Secret Spa app is super easy. Just choose the LVL treatment and your preferred time and date and within 24hrs you’ll receive confirmation of your booking and your therapist’s details.

If it’s your first time having the LVL treatment done you will need to do a patch test 48 hours beforehand to ensure you don’t have any intolerances. Normally you would have to go into a salon and get this done, but with Secret Spa your therapist will post you the patch test and you can do it yourself in just 5 mins – so convenient.

For your appointment your therapist will bring everything they need: massage table for you to lie down on, LVL product, hand towels etc. All you need to do is prepare some space, remove your make up and grab a pillow and blanket for your own comfort! The treatment lasts about an hour and there are 6 main steps:

1.Cleansing – the eye area is cleansed and prepped for the treatment, ensuring there is no make-up residue remaining
2. Under eye pad application – pads are stuck under your eyes to protect your lower lashes during the treatment
3. Silicone curling shield – this goes above the eye and holds the upper lashes into their new curled shape. There are three different shield sizes to choose from: small, medium and large. Your therapist will be able to help choose the best one for you depending on the length of your lashes and your desired effect. I chose the medium shield.
4. Lifting & Volumising – once your curling shield has been applied to your eyelid, your lashes are gently combed back and evenly separated onto the shield so that the lifting solution can be applied to the roots. After 10-15 mins this is removed and the volumising fix is applied which fixes the lashes into their new shape.
5. Tinting – your lashes are then tinted to darken them and make them appear thicker.
6. Moisturising serum – the final step is the moisturising serum which is applied to help your lashes come off the shield and re-nourish them after the treatment.”


“The results are immediate – naturally curled, lifted and thicker looking lashes. I have had LVL done a few times now and I still can’t get over how long my own lashes actually are! I no longer feel naked without putting on mascara and love how full and fluttery my lashes look when I do put some on.”


“I’d recommend having a shower just before the treatment as it’s important not to get your lashes wet or hot for at least 24 hours (ideally 48 hours) after your LVL treatment.

Also put on a good podcast so you have something to listen to while you’re lying back with your eyes closed for 50 minutes!”

Book your LVL Eyelash Lift & Tint at home with Secret Spa.