Winter skin care tips

Winter Skin Care


Christmas has been and gone, and the post-Christmas detoxing has begun. Detoxing isn’t just for your body, but your skin as well! Lots of us will have new products we want to try out, and some of us are keen to set a solid skin care routine as one of our resolutions. Whatever your reasons, taking some extra time to look after your skin in the winter months is important.

With winter well and truly upon us, we’re embracing thick coats, boots and gloves to keep us feeling snug and warm. We wrap up warm outside, but often forget that we are leaving our face exposed to the elements. Then we come indoors to our heated homes, and our skin doesn’t quite know what to make of it all! There’s no denying that winter is tough on the skin.

Having a winter skincare routine is crucial. When the weather turns cold and dry you may find that your skin feels dehydrated, tight or inflamed. To avoid skin issues in the harsh weather, follow our winter skincare tips to keep your complexion in tip-top condition.


How does winter weather affect the skin?

The top concerns when it comes to winter skin are dehydration and dryness. During wintry weather, there is less moisture in the air for your skin to absorb – and when this is combined with sub-zero temperatures it can create havoc for your skin. Add in a windy day and you’ve got the perfect recipe for dry skin. 

Inside, during winter, we understandably want to get cosy. We ramp up the central heating and send our skin on a lightning fast journey from chilly to hot. Central heating also dries out the air, and thus, your skin.

Thankfully, with a few tweaks to your everyday skin care routine, you can avoid any winter skin problems:


Exfoliate regularly 

Regular exfoliation will help to eliminate dry skin during the colder months. Natural skin cell renewal is slower in the winter, which means dead skin cells can make your skin look and feel flaky. 

That classic winter skin dullness can be eradicated with some exfoliation.

A gentle exfoliating cream or facial gel is the best way to remove the build-up caused by cold temperatures to reveal smoother and brighter skin. Our go-to exfoliator is OSKIA’s Micro Exfoliating Balm as it’s packed full of all the vitamins and minerals you could want.


Use an ultra-hydrating cleanser

If you have oily skin, you may have already integrated a water-based cleanser into your regular skin care routine. However, during the winter, there is very little moisture in the air and therefore your skin will need a little helping hand.

Try using a moisturising cleanser instead when the temperatures plummet, to avoid irritated skin. If you are concerned that a cream cleanser may be too much for your complexion, experiment with a gel cleanser that contains a mix of oil and water. This will keep your skin clean and clear without stripping out the moisture. Elemis’ Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser purifies the skin, whilst soothing, calming, and hydrating the skin. 


Add hydration with a serum

If your normal skin care routine is to simply cleanse and moisturise, it’s worth adding another step to your regime to lock in moisture. A facial serum infuses your skin with vital vitamins and antioxidants to keep it hydrated and feeling smooth and nourished. 

If we can recommend one skincare tip for everyone, winter or summer, rain or shine, it’s to use a serum. They are the wonder products of our beauty routines! We love Elemis’ Hydra-Boost Serum to give us all-day moisturisation. It’s essential for thirsty skin! 


Take care of your eyes

The skin that surrounds your eyes is very thin, which means it is one of the areas of the face that is most vulnerable to chilly weather. And that’s before any additional irritation caused by chilly winds making your eyes water.

If you’ve never used an eye cream as part of your daily skin care routine, then winter is a great time to start. Choose a hydrating under eye cream that contains ceramides and peptides to minimise dark circles. Dab it on gently and you’ll notice how much better your skin feels. Our favourite eye cream is Dermalogica’s Intensive Eye Repair as it targets dehydration lines around the eyes.


Seal in moisture with a rich face cream

During the winter months, the cold air can create a build-up of dead skin cells which can cause redness and irritation. This is where a good moisturiser is worth its weight in gold. Pay extra attention to the ingredients in your moisturiser – and don’t just necessarily switch to a ‘heavy’ cream. 

Instead, choose a face cream that contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid, combined with the soothing properties of cocoa butter, aloe vera or jojoba oil. We can’t recommend Algenist’s GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream highly enough!


Remember the SPF

Yes, we know that winter may not automatically conjure up visions of sunshine, but it is as important to keep your skin protected in the cooler months as it is in the heat of summer.

Even when the sun is low in the sky and not in full force, a moisturiser or foundation with a sun protection of at least 15 will go a long way to protecting against premature ageing and fine lines. The additional moisturising properties are an extra bonus too.

Our all-time favourite SPF is NEOM’s Great Day Glow SPF 30 Moisturiser as it’s nourishing and lightweight on the skin. You could also swap your regular foundation for a tinted moisturiser that also provides sun protection.


Invest in a revitalising facial

One of the quickest ways to keep your skin healthy and glowing during the winter is to treat yourself to a Vitamin Glow Facial, which is power-packed with antioxidants and vitamins to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth, healthy and hydrated. There’s no doubt that it’s the winter pick-me-up treat we all need on dull January and February days too.

Our professional facialists will visit you in the comfort of your own home to deliver this rejuvenating treatment that minimises the effect of winter on your skin. Not only will you receive an award-winning Decléor facial, but the package also includes a stress-busting back massage for the ultimate relaxation. Oh, yes please!

If you suffer from dry skin, try an ultra-hydrating facial to combat the effects of harsh weather. Our OSKIA revitalising facial will provide instant and long-lasting anti-ageing benefits to your skin this winter.


Make the best of the winter weather

We get it. We’d rather be lounging on a sun-kissed beach too, but by following our winter skin care tips, at least you’ll be able to minimise the effects of the unpredictable British weather on your skin until the warm, sunny days are once more upon us.

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