The best fake tan products for an effortless, streak-free glow

Best Fake Tan Products

If you want to find a fake tan that’s simple to apply while achieving a natural-looking finish, look no further. This guide details seven of the best fake tan products around, so you can give yourself that golden glow at home.

There’s more to fake tanners than mousse, water or liquid formulas for your face or body. Our list of essential products also includes a fake tan mitt and a tan remover to help you apply your tan easily. Read on to discover seven of the top products – as well as seven of our top pro tips. 

7 of the best fake tan products 

1. Tan Luxe tanning drops

If you’re trying to source the best fake tan for your face, then your search may well be over. There’s no need to give up your favourite moisturiser when using Tan Luxe tanning drops, as they work in harmony with both your preferred products and your natural skin tone.


Tan Luxe


The award-winning drops are available in two shades – light to medium and medium to dark. Natural extracts of aloe vera and raspberry seed oil can also work their magic on your skin, ensuring optimum hydration, illumination and nourishment while giving you a healthy glow.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that the dosage can be altered to suit the look you want to achieve. Add two drops for the most subtle radiant glow, or go all-out with a dozen to become a bronzed god or goddess. 

2. St Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing water

Named after the glamorous French peninsula, St Tropez is one of the leading fake tan brands around. A serious contender as best fake tan for pale skin is their Self Tan Purity, a lightweight mousse that’s easy to apply and ideal for lighter skin tones. 


Self Tan Purity


All the ingredients are 100% natural, and this is also a vegan-friendly fake tan. The colour gradually develops during the four to eight hour period following application, and no rinsing is required.

This is one of the best home fake tan products and offers a streak-free finish with a pleasant, tropical scent. A slightly lustrous finish helps to ensure even application. St Tropez also promises no transfer onto clothing plus an attractive, natural-looking glow that lasts for days. 

3. Sienna X tanning mitt

If you want to apply the best fake tan in the UK at home, then it’s essential to have the right tools for the job. The Sienna X tanning mitt is the ideal piece of kit. It helps to ensure the most flawless result possible when applying a fake tan yourself, and ensures no orange palms once the colour develops. 


Sienna X Tan Mitt


The mitt is dual sided with a tactile, velvety finish. This smooth fabric helps you to slick on your self tanner as evenly as possible, and is washable and reusable. You can also use this mitt in conjunction with mousse, water or lotion formulas.

A black finish ensures the mitt looks stain-free after repeated uses, and it can simply be rinsed in clean water for a quick refresh. As well as blending the tan, it can also be used to buff away any excess product. 

4. Tan Luxe hyaluronic self tan serum

Anyone looking for the best fake tan is sure to come across the Tan Luxe name time and time again. Our second recommended product from Tan Luxe in this list is their Super Glow SPF serum, which not only adds a warm glow but also offers SPF 30 protection against sunlight and UV rays.


Tan Luxe Super Glow


This one also has a lightweight, anti-ageing formula that’s easily absorbed. Containing no silicones or mineral oils, it’s an all-in-one skincare solution when you want an age-defying, protective product that can also add colour to your face.

The formula is reef-safe, and contains avocado, raspberry seed and coconut oils for a natural moisture boost your skin will love. 

5. Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster body self-tan

When it’s that all-over post-holiday glow you want to achieve, take a look at the Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster from Clarins. This self tan also works on the drops principle, so it can be mixed with your usual moisturiser to build a subtle or more bronzed glow.


Clarins Self Tan


99% of the ingredients in this product are natural, and the liquid formula is suitable for all skin types. The inclusion of aloe vera ensures a calming and hydrating effect. 

With just four to six drops required per application, this is one of the best long-lasting fake tan products around. Just as you’d expect from one of beauty’s biggest brands. 

6. Dior Bronze Liquid Sun Self-Tanning Water

Give your body a designer glow with Dior’s Liquid Sun self tanner. This product is applied as a fine mist, veiling the skin in a nourishing, milky layer that delivers moisture as well as colour.


Dior Bronze


Again, this is a formula containing a generous amount of aloe vera extract to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin. While it’s simple to apply, the spray action can result in an uneven finish, so you will need to blend as you go for the most natural-looking effect. 

7. Bondi Sands tan remover

While we all make mistakes, that’s not the only reason for investing in the Bondi Sands tan remover. The cleansing, softening and moisturising formula can also help prepare skin for a fresh layer of self tan. 


Bondi Sands


The pump action bottle dispenses a foam to apply all over the skin, which can be rinsed away with warm water after five minutes. A face cloth or exfoliating mitt can improve effectiveness on any stubborn areas.

Fans also say this one’s great for removing any excess fake tan from the hands after application. 

7 top tips for a flawless fake tan

If you want to achieve a flawless tan at home, here are our seven pro tips to follow.

  1. Pick the right product to suit your skin tone
  2. Remove body hair the day before application
  3. Exfoliate a day before tanning to remove dead skin cells
  4. Always moisturise your skin before tanning
  5. Use a tanning mitt to apply the product evenly
  6. Make sure your tan is dry before getting dressed
  7. Maintain your tan by keeping skin exfoliated and well hydrated


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