Holiday Beauty Hacks

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Being on holiday is the ultimate time to be looking your healthiest, but often sun, sand and chlorine can play havoc with your beauty regime. Here are our top tips for combating those beauty niggles to stop them from ruining your holiday…

Pool hair

Chlorine and other chemicals used in the maintenance of swimming pools can be detrimental to the health of your hair. One way to tackle this is to fully rinse your hair after swimming to eliminate any trace of chemicals. On clean hair, you can replenish any moisture stripped by the pool with a hair oil, or embrace the messy beach look via Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray scrunched through the lengths of your hair.

Fake tan

Getting a professional spray-on glow pre-holiday is the healthiest way to maintain that faux glow for the first few days that you are away. While Secret Spa tans can last up to a week, chlorine and sun cream can dry out the skin and cause fake tan to fade much faster than normal. A week after your spray tan, exfoliation should be your first port of call. Use a scrub such as Sanctuary Body Scrub to slough off dead skin cells, or use sand from the beach as a natural exfoliant on your dryer areas. You can then replenish your lost glow with a gradual tanning moisturiser such as Fake Bake Lux Golden Brown Gradual Tan, to both enhance moisture in the skin and add colour.


For those of us with blonde lashes, lash and brow tints can be a life saver when make-up is an issue. Contact Secret Spa for one of our lash professionals to give you stand-out lashes. If you can’t bare to go mascara-less, a waterproof version like Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof is a great beauty hack for avoiding panda eyes at the pool or beach. It is also sweat proof if you’re in the heat and lasts all day.


Chemicals in pool water can wreak havoc with your perfect mani/pedi, so opt for Secret Spa gels to give your nail colour that extra lasting power. Be sure to moisturise your hands after a swim and add nail oil to cuticles as they are often the first area to dry out.

Now you can safely enjoy your travels while looking gorgeous and glowy.

Let Secret Spa handle all your holiday beauty, from waxing to spray tans