9 shaving tips for women to get the smoothest legs

shaving tips


Getting a smooth shave can be challenging. How you shave and the products you choose will all affect the end result. Shaving can be a wonderfully pampering experience, but it is often viewed as a frustrating and time-consuming task. Learn to fall in love with this part of your beauty routine again with these shaving tips from our beauty gurus, and enjoy a silky-smooth finish without irritation.


1. Never dry shave

Ouch. You’re not 13 stealing your dad’s razor anymore!

Dry shaving will increase the chances of developing a shaving rash and can cause redness and irritation. So the first rule is to always shave at the end of your time in the bath or shower. 

By giving your skin at least 10 minutes to soak and soften, your hair follicles will open, shaving will be more effective, and you’ll reduce the signs of any tell-tale shaving bumps. Then add in extra moisture with your chosen shaving gel, so that the blade glides smoothly over your skin.


2. Always exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin before shaving will help to keep the razor from becoming clogged with dead skin cells, allowing for a smoother shave. What’s more, a clogged razor means there is more chance of cutting yourself. All those dead cells make the shave much less effective and can leave you with the dreaded ‘razor burn.’

If you are prone to red bumps after you shave, have a read of our post on how to get rid of strawberry legs.


3. Do not use soap

Using soap and water as a lubricant to help the razor glide over your skin may seem like a reasonable alternative to shower gel, but we wouldn’t recommend this. 

You should use a formulated shaving gel or foam which contains emollients, as this has the added benefit of leaving your skin feeling supple after you’ve finished. Soap can be quite drying and leave freshly shaved skin irritated.

If you have no shaving gel, reach for your hair conditioner or even olive or coconut oil to help the razor glide easily.


4. Shave in the right direction

Shave your legs against the way the hair grows to achieve the smoothest results. Start at the ankle and work in an upwards motion.

When shaving your underarm area, shave upwards first and then reverse the stroke to ensure a clean removal at the root.


5. Don’t press too hard

If you’ve been tearing at your legs with firm strokes with the assumption that ‘more pressure is better,’ then it’s time to use a lighter touch.

Too much pressure can make the skin’s surface uneven, which means you’ll miss hairs and be left with stubble. Also, the harder you press, the more likely you are to cut or nick the skin. 


6. Rinse with cool water

After shaving, remove all traces of shaving gel or foam with warm water – and then turn the shower to cold. Cool water will close the open pores and prevent shaving rash from appearing.

There are lots of health advocates urging us to switch our shower to cold at the end for other reasons too. So be brave, take a deep breath, and let the icy water flow!


7. Bikini line shaving tips

Shaving your bikini line is a job that should never be rushed. It can be tricky to manoeuvre a razor around all the curves of your intimate area. 

Choosing a small, sharp razor that has been designed for the pubic area will make the job much easier. Always use in combination with a pH balanced shaving gel that’s kind to your bikini area and won’t irritate ‘down below.’

After shaving the bikini area, apply a cooling cream to avoid shaving rash. If possible, don’t put your underwear on for a while afterwards to allow the skin to recover without any friction.


8. Maintain your razor and replace it regularly

Razors are high maintenance. For instance, did you know that you should never store your razor in the bathroom? The high humidity and damp atmosphere in the bathroom can cause the blades to rust, which increases the chances of an infection entering your body. At the very least, it makes for an uneven blade.

After use, rinse your razor with warm water, towel it dry and keep it outside the bathroom. If you see any signs of rust on your razor, replace the blade immediately. We recommend changing the blade every four or five shaves to ensure it remains sharp and effective.


9. Post-shaving tips

Your skin will be at its most sensitive after shaving. To reduce the chance of redness and shaving bumps, gently pat your skin dry with a soft, clean towel.  Don’t be tempted to rub, as the friction will make the area feel more sensitive.

Once dry, avoid any alcohol-based lotions as they will sting. You should also skip the underarm deodorants immediately after shaving to allow the skin to cool and settle. We therefore recommend shaving your underarms before you go to sleep, so they have until the morning to recover.


An easier way to hair-free skin

Even after reading our top shaving tips, you may be thinking ‘there must be a better way.’ We may be biased, but we think there is.

Waxing is a fast and effective way to remove unwanted hair from your legs, underarms and bikini line. Not only does waxing minimise hair regrowth, keeping your body smoother for longer, but it also reduces the likelihood of painful in-growing hairs.

Discover our range of waxing treatments and enjoy stress-free hair removal in the comfort of your own home.

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