How to get summer ready feet in 7 easy steps

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The sun is finally out and it’s time for your feet to come out too. But when they have been cloaked in socks and shoes, how do you get your feet ready for summer with sandals and the beach calling? Cracked heels, neglected nails and dryness can leave us feeling self-conscious.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We asked our expert nail technicians for their top tips on how to get your feet ready for summer:

1. Soak and soothe

We’re all quite guilty of forgetting about our feet over the colder months whilst they’ve been hidden away in boots and socks. It’s time to stop the neglect and give your feet some much needed TLC. 

Start with a really thorough, long soak in some warm water with a few drops of your favourite essential oil (for feet we love tea tree or peppermint oil!). Let your feet soak for a good 20 minutes or so and then rub them gently with a cloth or flannel. You can introduce a natural soap here and give your feet a good clean. Get in amongst your toes and make your skin feel energised and revitalised. 

Keep this process up regularly by repeating the foot soak twice a week to keep your feet in tip top condition. Soaking helps to soothe your feet (they do a remarkable job!) and boosts circulation, which can help to revitalise your feet after all those summer walks and days out. 

Soaking will also help with the next step…

2. Exfoliate

Yes, those neglected tootsies are probably covered in dead skin, and that’s going causing them to look dull. Before you move on to buffing away troublesome areas of dry skin, start with an exfoliation of the hotspots. Dry skin tends to cluster between your toes and using a foot scrub or pumice stone can get rid of this. 

If you want to take a little short cut, pop some Epsom salts, rich in magnesium, into your warm water soak to help with the exfoliation. 

3. Buff

It’s time to get the elbow grease working and make up for any winter neglect  in one fell swoop! Get yourself a foot file and start buffing away the hard skin. There are all sorts of different files available, as well as nifty foot buffing tools, so choose the right one for you.

Be careful not to overdo it. The file should only be used on the very hard and dry areas of skin and you shouldn’t cause any irritation or redness (remember, you’re just working on dead skin!). 

Buffing is the secret to soft sandal-ready feet.

4. Moisturise

Your feet are, understandably, covered in thick skin. They need their own approach to moisturising. Choose a foot cream which is thick and rich, and apply it regularly.After your twice a week soak, exfoliate and buff routine, apply a generous amount and let it soak in.  For best results, we recommend moisturising your feet after every shower. 

If like us, your busy schedule barely allows you to moisturise regularly, let alone wait for the moisturiser to be absorbed before slipping on your sandals in the morning, then don’t skip it altogether. Instead, simply apply at bedtime. 

If you have extremely dry feet, don’t despair! Our nail experts have shared a few little tricks to help. You can buy extra rich foot creams and moisturising foot socks. Just applying your foot cream and then popping on socks before going to bed can really help. Or you can try a heel balm too. If you’re still struggling, check that you haven’t got Athlete’s Foot. This fungal infection is drying but quite easily treated.

When you moisturise your feet, concentrate on your heels and your soles. You can also apply the cream to the top of your feet and tips of your toes. However, don’t apply foot cream between your toes. These areas love to grow bacteria, so don’t feed them any more moisture!

5. Take care of your nails

Your nails will need some TLC too. Start off by dealing with any fungal nail infections or ingrown toenails before trimming your toenails using trimmers. Then file them to a neat shape. Next, tend to your cuticles. Use cuticle oil to very gently work your cuticles back so that your toenails look beautiful and healthy. 

Of course, now is the time to get a pampering pedicure so that all of this shaping and beautifying can be done for you! If you’re looking for a real prepping-for-summer treat, book  a pedicure at home.

6. Get summer ready toes!

Of course, whether you do a DIY pedicure or have a professional one, a pedicure isn’t just about shaping. Summer is the perfect time to experiment and go creative when it comes to your polish. From beachside corals to summer blues, now is the time to apply some bright and dazzling polish. Unsure what to go for? Check our Instagram @secretspauk for nailspo of the most fashionable nail art trends. 

If you’re heading off on holiday, remember that chlorinated water, the sea and sand is pretty tough on your nails and polish. No worries, it’s just an excuse to change up the colour more frequently! We recommend getting a gel pedicure before a summer holiday, which will be more long-lasting.

7. Keep your feet sun safe

Lastly, when you don your sandals, or amble along a beach barefoot, your feet are in prime position for getting sunburnt. Even if you’re just spending the summery day with the odd walk in the sunshine, you need to remember to apply SPF to your feet too. If you want the golden tan without the sun damage (after all it shows off your toe polish fabulously!) then use a gradual tanning lotion. Just be careful as you head down to the heels and the toes to really massage it in carefully so that you aren’t left with tell-tale blotches. 

And there you have it, you now know how to get your feet summer ready! Book a pedicure at home today.