9 top beauty trends for 2021

Beauty Trends For 2021

2021 is here and with it the promise that times should get better, even if we’re experiencing a bumpy start! The good news is that beauty is something that you can indulge in, even in the depths of coronavirus restrictions. The beauty trends for 2021 reflect the world around us, with a focus on self-care, easy techniques, and looking for the glimmers of positivity. Here’s the Secret Spa list of 2021 beauty trends.

1. Maskne results in a focus on facials

Masks are being worn for longer and in centrally heated indoor areas. With accompanied sweating and micro-tears, maskne is making itself known. You can’t avoid mask wearing, but you can give your skin some TLC.

The trick to combatting maskne is to develop an excellent cleansing and exfoliation regime and to include regular facials when you can. Whilst many beauticians are currently closed because of Tier 4 restrictions, as soon as they open again you may still feel wary about heading out. Instead, book your facial at home.

2. Eyes and brows are where it’s at

Also related to mask-wearing, a major beauty trend for 2021 is the focus on eyes and brows. With facial beauty very much limited to ‘above the mask’, we will see statement brows and eye beauty. Expect dominant styles and intense colours, lifting moods and catching attention in the place of vibrant lips.

Interestingly, the mask is being incorporated more into eye make-up designs. Expect coordinated colours and statement masks to match statement eyes.

3. Talking about brows

As we say, statement brows are a beauty trend which is moving to the next level in 2021. Brows have been the focus of attention for several years now, but the difference in 2021 is how you perfect your look.

Most notably, brow lamination will make easier work of statement brows. Perming your brow hairs into place means that you can simply head out for the day, or onto a video call, knowing that not a hair is out of place. It’s the no-hassle solution to taming brows.

An alternative which achieves a similar look, but requires more focus from you is using soap to secure your brows into place. It’s effective at giving volume if you’re lacking it naturally. To apply, rub the bristles of an old toothbrush in dry soap and brush brows upwards.

4. A shift from lash extensions to lash lifts

We’re not ready to say goodbye to lash extensions altogether, and for many they will always have their place. However, we can’t escape the reality that lash extensions require regular maintenance, and when playing Tier yo-yo that’s not always easy.

A slightly more natural look, and a less maintenance heavy approach, is taking over. Lash lift and tint will still allow your eyelashes to flutter spectacularly, but they are a little more forgiving if you can’t book in for a treatment on time, every time. 

With a lash lift and tint treatment, your natural eyelashes are permanently curled. This is combined with a darkening tint so that you naturally look like you have perfect mascara on every morning before you’ve even stumbled to the mirror! They last for up to 8 weeks too so are perfect for a long-lasting pandemic proof treatment.

5. Your nails need you!

Again, you need to take a longer term approach to your nails in 2021. With regular handwashing gaining intensity again, old-school nails are simply not up to the job. 

When you get a chance, arrange for a home manicure or pedicure and have gel nails done. What we can expect in 2021 is bright bold colours that kick the misery of months of stay-at-home orders into touch. These nails will stand out on Zoom calls, withstand the sheer amount of handwashing you’re doing, and brighten your day.

6. Up-dos and easy styles

Again, you can thank masks for some hair style changes in 2021! If you’ve struggled through 2020 fighting your mask with tangles then you’re not alone. As a result, 2021 will see easy up-dos using long styles, or super-short cuts. With minimal excitement in our lives, we can gain a ping of happiness by anticipating a new cut, and can try it out in the comfort of our own home. For the same reasons, fringes are coming back in with a mighty punch.

Home hairstyling and haircuts are gaining more and more traction as individuals avoid salons whilst realising that home beauty has an added level of luxury.

7. Retro in everything

Take a look at the adverts that filled our screens over winter and there was a recurring trend – lots and lots of nostalgia. With the stay-at-home reality, and a harkening after simpler times, retro trends are happening in every walk of life and beauty isn’t excluded. From Eighties eyes which dazzle with bright colours, to Sixties up-dos in the hair department, expect every 2021 beauty trend to be tinged with a dash of times past.

8. Minimal has its place

Just because we’re talking about intense eyes and bold hair doesn’t mean that minimalism has been kicked to the kerb. Indeed, what we’re seeing in 2021 is a freedom for individuals to do as they want, when they want. There’s room for statement eyes one day and kicking-about-the-house minimalism the next.

When it comes to minimalism, there are a few products which you’ll really want in your kit this year. That’s a non-greasy balm that offers light coverage without being cloying under a mask and concealers which do their job without adding to the problem.

9. Beauty as self-care

In 2020, as it became evident that the pandemic was hitting hard in terms of many people’s mental health, we pushed for more self-care. In 2021, we urge you to continue viewing your beauty regime as a vital part of your self-care. Give yourself the time and attention morning and night, and when you can, go for the big whammy with an at home treatment, such as a massage. Beauty relies on you feeling beautiful on the inside too.

As we head further into 2021, the beauty trends are exciting, but they also give us stability and focus for the challenging few months ahead.