Wedding nail ideas for the big day

Wedding Nails

Whether you’re the bride-to-be, a guest or have an important role to fulfil on the big day, wedding nails are a hot topic when it comes to styling your look. From natural wedding nails to fancy wedding nail designs, there are plenty of ways to make sure your hands are at their photo-ready best. 

We’ve brought together 15 of the top ideas for elegant and classy wedding nails. Whether it’s simple wedding nails for a classic look, or something more bold for your bridal wedding nails, we’ve got you covered with both the latest trends and timeless designs. 

15 of the best wedding nail ideas for the big day

1. Classic French manicure

Classic French Manicure

A classic French manicure will never go out of style, and it’s the kind of manicure that suits everyone. from the bride to her elderly great-aunt.

The French manicure comprises the palest pink nails topped off by whiter-than-white tips that have been filed into a perfect oval. From the trip down the aisle to the honeymoon, this one will see any guest or bride through the big day.

2. Silver sparkle

Silver Sparkle

Subtle slivers of silver are added with this option for a twist on the classic French manicure. Nails are painted a pastel shade to provide a smooth, sleek surface before shimmering silver patterns are added for decoration. 

This one’s great for adding a subtle, understated shimmer that will complement silver, white gold or platinum rings perfectly. 

3. Pops of colour

Pops of colour

Go dotty for some little pops of colour with this modern take on the colourful mani. The beauty of it is that you can choose shades here that will match or complement that mother-of-the-bride outfit or bouquet. 

If you tend to chip your nail polish then this one’s a great bet, as a small missing section will prove impossible to notice. 

4. Gold cuticles

Gold cuticles

The gold cuticles look is definitely one to leave to the professionals, as it requires both cuticles that are in tip-top shape and the ultimate in precision application.

The part where your fingers meet your nails becomes the focus with this design. If a subtle take on the rose gold wedding nails theme appeals to you, do take a look at this idea. 

5. Double French manicure

Double French Manicure

The double French manicure is a little more eye-catching than the original, and certainly requires an incredibly steady hand to pull off.

An extra line of white polish is added beneath the one outlining your fingertips here, hence the name. This really is the modern take on a classic that goes with anything. 

6. Black tips

Black Tips

Add a touch of drama to your look with black-tipped nails – it’s perfect for smart city weddings or nuptials that are due to take place around Halloween.

Again, nails are painted a soft pink before the perfectly-shaped tips are defined with a curving sweep of black nail polish. This one goes really well with long, sooty eyelashes or when carrying a black handbag. 

7. Embellished nails

Embellished Nails

The embellished nails trend involves embedding little decorations onto the surface of each nail, so it’s a look that provides texture as well as colour. 

Options include tiny pearls, which could be matched to a bridal gown or used to complement a pearl ring, bracelet or other jewellery. 

8. French manicure with glitter

French Manicure with glitter

Combine the French mani and silver sparkle looks to rock these pink wedding nails with a shimmering twist. The classic French mani forms the basis of this style, before a slick of silver is added for extra definition. 

If you like, this silver streak can run right down to your cuticle on one side for a slightly more asymmetric appearance. 

9. Gold sparkle

Gold Sparkle

Go for gold instead of silver with this metallic theme. As with silver sparkle, each nail is decorated with lines or swirls of sparkling gold after the rosy base coat has been applied.

This sparkly mani looks fabulous when worn with classic yellow gold jewellery. 

10. Stars


See stars with this fabulous mani that’s ideal for the festive season. If you’re attending a December wedding, then this one might just see you through the party season as well as the big day itself.

Gold or silver stars can be painted onto each nail before embellishing with the occasional diamante for added sparkle. 

11. Cute flowers

Cute flowers

Harness the boho look with a little line of cute flowers at your fingertips. If you’re going for beachy hair or a floral frock, this one’s the perfect choice.

The flowers can be as colourful or subtle as you like, and you can pick just a couple of shades to use or go for a different hue on each nail. 

12. White hearts

White hearts

What could be more romantic than a scattering of white hearts across the fingernails? This one looks gorgeous with a white or ivory wedding gown, and looks stunning when photographed with the wedding rings or bridal bouquet.

A pale pink backdrop helps to make each perfectly-shaped heart stand out here. 

13. Elegant colour blocking

Elegant colour blocking

For a more contemporary, geometric look, elegant colour blocking is a truly chic style that can feature either subtle shades or bolder colours. 

You could, for example, go for ivory to match the dress plus a colour to match the flowers, as well as a slick of metallic polish to ramp up the glam factor. 

14. Embellished cuticles

Embellished cuticles

Instead of placing tiny pearls across the nails, why not opt for a stylish line at the base of each nail? 

It’s the ideal way to draw attention to a well-kept pair of hands, and you could pick diamante or add a bolder colour nail polish if you want to create a slightly different look. 

15. White dot nails

White dot nails

A line of white dots laid over a plain shade can also help to draw attention to your hands. Again this is a great one for adding definition when you plan some bouquet or ring close-up shots.

Call the professionals for this one: it requires a precise touch and isn’t one to attempt on yourself. Particularly if you don’t happen to be ambidextrous! 

If you want to recreate any of these stunning looks, it really is best left to the experts! Secret Spa nail technicians can travel to your home, workplace or venue at a time to suit, leaving you with one less wedding planning aspect to think about. 

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