What hair colour suits me? Tips for choosing a hair colour

What Hair Colour Suits Me


Changing your hair colour can be tremendously quick and simple. It’s a chance to revitalise your look or go for a complete transformation. But you’re far from alone if you’ve considered the enormous array of shades to choose from and wondered what colour would suit you best. It’s fair to say that it’s a bewildering choice.

Here we dive into lots of hair colour advice, taking into account your skin tone and eye colour. 

Complexion matters

Before you decide what colour to dye your hair, you first need to consider your complexion, as the two tones need to complement each other. Within each complexion category, there are shades of tone from cool to warm. Then you also need to consider if you have fair, medium, olive or dark skin.

Look into your eyes

As well as your complexion, it’s a good idea to think about your eye colour. Your chosen shade will either bring out the colour with a pop, or make them seem softer or less bright. A very general rule of thumb (at the end of the day, you do you!) brings us to the following hair colours for different eye colours:

  • Blue: Your hair colour can enable the blue shade to be vibrant and intense, or lose its edge. Generally opt for ashy blondes and golden locks. Auburn is sometimes considered to jar with blue eyes, but it can be used in lowlights.
  • Green: Auburn is right at home for those with green eyes. The juxtaposition is amazing. Even with cool fair skin you can choose rich browns and coppery reds and hazels.
  • Amber: Choose warm tones that come from a natural palette. Think nectar, golden wheat, butterscotch, and similar warm neutrals.
  • Brown: Brown eyes come with an incredible variety of shades, so you’ll need to adapt what’s best for you. Broadly speaking, try to pair the depth of colour in your eyes with the depth of brunette. Light brown eyes can even handle edging towards dark blonde and caramel.
  • Hazel: With hazel eyes, the hair colour palette world is your oyster! That said; avoid the extremes of too dark or too light. But in the middle range, there’s a great deal of choice.

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How do I know what hair colour suits me?

Another way to consider the issue is to start from another angle. With a background knowledge of your eye colour and complexion, simply think about what colour you want to choose. Then, within that colour, we can help you pick out which tone would suit you best.

Would blonde hair suit me?

So, let’s start with blonde. If you’ve done it once and vowed never again, you probably picked the wrong tone. A word of warning though – if your natural hair colour is dark, be aware that going lighter is going to involve some effort and maintenance, and switching back again isn’t always a smooth ride.

Fair skin: Fair skin, especially with blue eyes, is in safe territory with blondes. However, take note of your undertone. If you’re ultra-fair and at the cool end of the tonal spectrum, make sure you choose a warmer honey tone or you risk looking pale and ill, rather than pale and interesting! Add depth with highlights too.

Medium skin: Honey and golden blonde tones will be your friend here, especially if you’ve got lighter eyes.

Olive skin: Going blonde is perhaps hardest for divinely olive tones, but it’s not impossible. Stick to the caramel and rich blonde tones. If you’ve not gone blonde before, opt for a shade or two darker than you think you want to avoid looking yellowy or washed out.

Dark skin: Those with dark skin can use blonde to make a statement with buttery and light caramel tones.

Would brunette hair suit me?

Brunette offers a fabulous bunch of colours which everyone can have a go at. It’s also generally a case of hair friendly dyes, so it’s a winner all round.

Fair skin: Those with fair skin want to choose from the lighter end of the brunette palette, perhaps with the slightest hint of red. Head too dark and you’re back to looking pasty. Alternatively, balayage is a great solution.

Medium skin: You’ve got quite a bit of wiggle room, but opt for something ranging somewhere between rich caramel and cocoa. Avoid going too light or you’ll risk looking washed out.

Olive skin: You’re in home territory here! Rich chocolates all the way to caramelised toffee are there for you. Think about your natural shade though and try not to go too much lighter.

Dark skin: This is your arena! Whatever brunette shade you fancy, you can take your pick. From rich espresso onwards, you can play and have some fun. Be aware though that going too light heads into statement territory, so make that a conscious choice!

Would red hair suit me?

Going red is a long harboured dream for many, but perhaps the one which strikes the most fear. It’s actually more versatile than you may think.

Light skin: Strawberry blonde, with maybe a dash of copper is your space. Light, light, light, or it’s all going to go wrong, unless you’ve got green eyes in which case, eat your red heart out!

Medium skin: You’re the lucky souls who can go radiant and carry it off with aplomb. Warm but bright will contrast brilliantly.

Olive skin:  Medium to deep auburn is where you’ll be most comfortable. Steer clear of any purple undertones as it’ll wreak havoc with your looks.

Dark skin: You’re best with deep seductive reds with chocolatey heat. Unless you’re going all out radical, avoid really bright reds.

Would black hair suit me?

The mistake with black hair is to think of it as one shade only – we’re not channelling your inner Adam’s Family here! But nonetheless, it’s a tricky colour to rock. Take care and get some advice first.

Light skin: Black hair and light skin are never going to be bedfellows, unless you want to give the teen emo look a whirl. If you really want to go dark, choose a dark brunette and add in some honey highlights.

Medium skin: Black hair is tricky here too. Opt for a dark brunette that plays with ashy undertones, but definitely don’t bring red into the black mix.

Olive skin: You have perhaps the most wiggle room when it comes to black hair, but still do some careful matching before you take the plunge. Bring in various undertones, even blue, if you want to add depth.

Dark skin: Perhaps the only skin tone which can handle the jet black shades and look fabulous, you can do something others can’t. For a decadent look, choose reddy-blacks, and steer clear of the blues.

Of course, these are only guidelines. It’s your hair and if you want to make a statement then no one is stopping you! Want some professional advice? Book in to have your hair coloured at home.


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