Top tips for the ultimate girls’ pamper night

Girls Pamper Night Ideas

Whether you’re looking for pamper night ideas for holding a girls night at home, or even holding one virtually with your best pals, we’ve got everything you need to know. From at home spa treatments, to the little touches that make for a relaxing and memorable night. 

The best pamper night ideas

There are lots of elements to how to plan a good girls night in, but you don’t just want good, you want ultimate!

So, what do you need for a girls night in?

The basics of a pamper night:

  • Get someone else to do the pampering
  • Remember food and drinks
  • Think about the atmosphere
  • Tell guests to come prepared
  • Plan some activities if necessary
  • Make it a sleepover if you can
  • Don’t forget the finishing touches
  • Go virtual if you have to

Get someone else to do the pampering

For the ultimate relaxation, we recommend that you embrace the idea of getting someone else in to do the pampering, or at least some of it.

Book at-home spa treatments and have a therapist do manicures and pedicures whilst another therapist is carrying out massages or facials. With a small number of guests, you can then enjoy each other’s company whilst one or two of you are being pampered – remember that having a good time with friends is rejuvenating too!

Think about where these treatments can happen. For each person to really benefit from a massage or facial, they will want to be in another room where it can be peaceful and they’ll be uninterrupted. Meanwhile, the manicures and pedicures could perhaps take place in the living room where everyone is.

When considering what’s needed for a pamper night, make sure you have a selection of things you can do between these treatments. From face masks to foot scrubs, you can keep your guests pampered whilst they wait their turn with the professional. 

Remember food and drinks

Food and drink is central to a wonderful night in with the girls. Whether it’s your favourite tipple, a bottle of fizz, or some wholesome fruit juice, make sure that everyone has something they fancy. Lay out the drinks and glasses ahead of time, encouraging your guests to help themselves so that you you can relax too.

We recommend light nibbles for a girls pamper night. No one wants a massage whilst feeling bloated from a heavy meal. Cut up tropical fruits, prepare a plate of crudités and dips, or offer some nuts to nibble on for the perfect offering. Or why not have a cheeky chocolate fondue?

Think about the atmosphere

Switch off the bright lights and use low mood lighting or fairy lights. Safely place lots of softly lit candles. Some wonderfully relaxing and soulful music will help too.

Use an infuser, scented candle or wax melts to waft natural scents and essential oils through the air. Choose an aroma known for its relaxing properties, such as lavender or sandalwood.

Make the space cosy with cushions, blankets and towels. Don’t forget to encourage everyone to switch off their phones and put them to one side for the night!

All of these touches will help to turn your living space into a tranquil sanctuary perfect for destressing. 

Tell guests to come prepared

Ever been to a spa and felt awkward and out of place not knowing where to find a bathrobe or how to work the lockers? Part of the beauty of sharing our pamper night ideas is so that this awkwardness is eliminated. 

However, you’ll need to tell your guests what to bring and what to expect. Ensure everyone has their own bathrobe and slippers. Take ‘orders’ for the professional treatments. This way no one will feel either awkward or left out on the night. Make sure you know if your friends have any pampering preferences so that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.

Plan some activities if necessary

With professional pampering at home and the company of good friends, it may not be necessary to do anything more. However, if you think it will help things to go smoothly, plan a few special activities. What these are will depend on you and your friends. Maybe you’d all find a short craft project fun, or a board game or two? Or perhaps you’ll enjoy snuggling up to watch a movie?

Make it a sleepover if you can

It’s not always possible to have a sleepover, but if you can then do! After an evening of pampering indulgence, being able to hop into bed and drift off into the sweetest dreams is wonderful. If you go for the sleepover option then make sure all the bedding is sorted and comfortable before you begin all the pampering elements! And don’t forget a refreshing breakfast of juices and fresh fruit to give everyone a good start to the day!

Remember the finishing touches

One of the best ways to make your friends feel utterly loved and pampered is to spoil them rotten. From hair bands to keep their hair out of the way to a sleep mask on their pillow, let them know that you’ve thought about everything they will need. 

You’re also never too old for party bags! Round off a perfect night together with a little bag of treats to continue the pampering at home. Maybe pop in a new nail colour, a travel bubble bath, a favourite chocolate and a miniature bottle of bubbles. It’ll help ensure that it’s a night to remember.

Go virtual if you have to

Who says that lockdown or coronavirus restrictions mean you can’t still have a girls pamper night? You just need to plan it a little differently. 

Arrange for everyone to receive a pamper-night-in-a-box by delivering everything from face masks to votive candles. Then all get together virtually and share the night together!

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