Try these 10 self-care beauty tips & ideas

Self care beauty tips

Finally we’ve all come to realise that taking care of our mental wellbeing is every bit as important as caring for our physical health. 

This list of our top ten self-care beauty tips and tricks to try takes note of that fact, so you can lavish some love and attention on the most important person in your life. You. 

Even if you’re the kind of person who always puts others first, you can’t expect to care for them as well as you could if you don’t look after yourself. So why not try one of these beauty self-care ideas and see how much better you feel afterwards?

10 of the best self-care beauty tips and ideas to try today

Paint your nails

Painting your fingernails can add a splash of colour to the dullest day, while pampering your toes feels like an utterly decadent thing to do – even if it’s winter and no one will see them. So if you’re the sort of person on whom a manicure wouldn’t last five minutes, then why not go for pedi instead? 

Whichever you go for, start by giving your nails a little TLC. Trim them neatly before using a nail file to create super smooth edges (always remember to file in the same direction to prevent ridges). You can then start painting – but first things first, you need a bottom coat.

A bottom coat helps stop dark coloured or glittery nail polishes from staining, and can make them easier to remove. Follow this with at least two coats of colour, before adding a top coat for brilliant shine and improved longevity. Ta-da! Those fingers (or toes) are ready to party!   

Find a new favourite face mask

Like many self-care beauty hacks, this one begins online, in the supermarket or on the high street. Pick out one or a few new face masks you like the look of and get ready to experiment.

If you’ve never used a clay, sheet, charcoal, peel-off or thermal mask before, now’s your chance. Apply as directed, leave for the time indicated and remove as instructed to reveal fresher, cleaner skin. 

With your face mask in place, simply sit back and relax, while the ingredients work their magic on your skin. We recommend choosing a face mask formulated with natural ingredients to avoid irritating sensitive skin. 

Some of our favourite face masks include:

Some of our favourite eye masks include:

Take a long soak in the bath

There is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath surrounded by your favourite products and scents. Use a lavish bath soak or a few drops of your favourite essential oil to help you relax, then light a few candles to create that spa-like ambience. We recommend adding in magnesium salts to help relax all your muscles.

While the water’s running, get prepped. Warm a towel and your bathrobe for the complete sensual experience. Grab a book or even a glass of wine to keep you occupied while you lie back and relax for as long as possible.  

Declutter your cosmetics collection

If you’ve got too many old tubes, pots, bottles, pencils and tubs, take some time to sort through your make-up or skincare collection. 

Decluttering can be surprisingly satisfying – and what better excuse to buy some brand new replacements? If you opened them over a year ago, then it’s high time they were confined to the bin.  

Wash your make-up brushes & sponges

While you’re at it, why not treat your make-up sponges and brushes to a thorough cleansing too? Beauty experts all agree these should be washed regularly, not least because they can harbour spot-causing bacteria.

Using antibacterial soap or baby shampoo, clean each carefully before rinsing with lukewarm water until no soapy suds remain. Squeeze out any excess moisture before reshaping brushes if necessary. You can then spread them out on a flat surface before leaving to dry out naturally. 

Make your own hair mask

While many of us aren’t so keen on experimenting on the face, whipping up a delicious-smelling hair mask is a little less risky. Mixing up your own concoction can be fun and a great way of using natural ingredients that you can find in your kitchen cupboards.

Combine two tablespoons of coconut oil and four teaspoons of sugar in a bowl before adding two drops of tea tree oil.  Apply to your hair in two inch sections and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing away. With anti-inflammatory, nourishing and antibacterial properties, you can use up any leftovers for face or body exfoliation. 

Exfoliate from head to toe

Use up any hair mask leftovers to give yourself a good scrubbing down from top to toe – or do the same by using your favourite high street formulas made for the face and body.

Finish by slathering on a generous layer of moisturiser for fresh, glowing and hydrated skin. 

Test out a Gua Sha tool or Jade Roller

If you’ve not yet got your mitts on a Jade Roller or Gua Sha tool, then you’re missing out! It will probably become a regular part of your beauty self care routine. 

Looking a little like a more curvaceous version of a surfboard fin, the Gua Sha tool should be used after applying facial oil so it glides over the skin. It’s great for relaxing tense muscles and stimulating drainage.

The jade roller works on a similar principle, but resembles a mini paint roller. Like the Gua Sha tool, it’s said to improve lymphatic drainage while boosting circulation. 

Use a scented candle or oil diffuser

If you want to introduce a spa-like scent into your home, a carefully selected candle or oil diffuser can work wonders. A calming fragrance such as natural lavender extract is best when you want to unwind. We love the NEOM reed diffusers.

Other relaxing essential oils include sandalwood, jasmine, camomile, vanilla and clary sage. For a quick hack, one of our self care tips for beauty involves choosing a candle that already contains such ingredients. 

Set up a home spa

The final item on this beauty self care checklist involves some or all of the above to create a spa style ambience in the comfort of your own home.

Put on your chill-out playlist, light a scented candle and take a long hot shower or soak in the bath, incorporating a face pack, full body exfoliation and hair mask into the routine. 

Finish by painting your nails a favourite shade, as a pretty and longer-lasting reminder of that indulgent head to toe pampering session. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate self-care spa experience, why not opt for a mobile massage, manicure, or haircut?

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