Brow tinting

Everything you need to know about eyebrow tinting

Eyebrow tinting is an easy way to frame and transform your face in a long-lasting way, making your daily beauty routine quicker and hassle-free. It’s a simple beauty hack that requires little effort or expense, yet has a high impact. Trust us, it’s a win win! Here we cover everything you need to know about […]

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8 trending skincare ingredients you should know about

    If you care about your skin as much as we do at Secret Spa, then you need to discover the new skincare trends that are making waves in the beauty world. The top trending ingredients in skincare are used to treat all sorts of skin conditions, from the inflammation of acne or irritatingly […]

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15 fun date night ideas in Manchester

  Whether you’re looking to break the ice on a first date, or simply want to spice up your routine with your other half, we have the very best date night ideas in Manchester for you to try. From fun and quirky to romantic and charming, we’ve got just the ticket for a great time […]

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Your guide to the best face massage tools

Introducing a face massage tool into your everyday beauty routine can help to lift your complexion, relax overworked facial muscles and relieve tension. We all know that a facial massage feels wonderful. But aside from making you feel good, the best massage face tools also serve to boost your lymph system, break down toxins and […]

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How to get the perfect brow: our ultimate eyebrow shaping guide

Your eyebrows are the frame for your face, and as such for better or worse, they can define the rest of your look. Gone are the days of tightly-plucked 90s eyebrows; now, it’s all about full, natural brows. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help them along the way and tame them with these eyebrow […]

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Bleached Hair

How to care for bleached and dyed hair

  If you opted for sun-kissed locks this summer, it’s time for some needed post-summer TLC.   It’s a well-known fact that adding colour to your tresses can have a drying effect, especially if bleach is involved. It’s important to establish a hair care routine for bleached hair that will keep your hair hydrated and looking […]

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Waxing prep and aftercare

Whether you’re jetting off on holiday, you’ve got a special event, or you simply want to be hair-free, waxing is the best way to achieve super smooth skin. Our therapists are here to help you feel your most confident and beautiful self with mobile waxing treatments and offer expert advice.  To make the most of […]

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Your pre-wedding beauty checklist

You’ve got your wedding date in the calendar (most likely this has been pushed back once or twice already), you’re busy frantically trying to book everything and avoid any family dramas with the guest list…There’s a lot of planning that goes into the big day, and what’s often neglected is your wedding beauty routine. It’s […]

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sports massage benefits

What is a sports massage and what are the benefits?

Always been intrigued by a sports massage, but are unclear on what the benefits are and how to include it in your exercise plan? If you’re looking to minimise post-exercise pain and recovery times, then read on. We’ve broken down all you need to know about the benefits of sports massage and when to have […]

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