Your pre-wedding beauty checklist

You’ve got your wedding date in the calendar (most likely this has been pushed back once or twice already), you’re busy frantically trying to book everything and avoid any family dramas with the guest list…There’s a lot of planning that goes into the big day, and what’s often neglected is your wedding beauty routine. It’s important to look and feel your best on the day, so to ensure this you need to start your wedding beauty checklist at least four months before your wedding.

If you’re on the countdown to the big day, now is the time to create a pre-wedding beauty plan to start any beautifying and book your pre-wedding beauty treatments. By taking a planned approach, with an ordered checklist, you’ll feel in control.

To feel fabulous and look fantastic as you glide down the aisle, just follow our wedding beauty checklist for the ultimate bridal beauty countdown.

3-4 months before your wedding

Decide on your hair colour

If you are planning a change of hair colour or additional highlights for your wedding, make sure that you trial this at least four months in advance. This way, if you’re not entirely happy with the results, you’ll have plenty of time to test and recolour your hair. Our hair stylists will visit you at home for a bespoke pre-wedding consultation and offer advice on all colouring techniques, from balayage to natural-looking lowlights. This will ensure you are confident before you dye your hair.

Book your make-up trial

Many brides decide to use a professional wedding make-up artist and with good reason! Not only is it a part of the pampering at the start of your Big Day, ensuring your make-up will last all day and withstand any tears is a serious skill. Now is the time to start trialing your make-up looks, so you can rest assured you’ll look your best. Those pictures last for a lifetime! If you’re unsure about how to choose the right professional make-up artist, you can read our guide here.

Our top tip is to book your make-up trial on the same day as an event (it’s ideal to do just before your hen!), so you make the most of your glam.

If you are planning on doing your own make-up, why not get together with your bridesmaids and experiment with different make-up ideas. It’s a fun girlie evening and you might just discover a whole new look! 

Stick to your skincare routine

Just like saying ‘I do’, your commitment to skincare should also be for life. If you haven’t been on top of your skincare (we don’t blame you, you’ve got a lot going on!), reset your skin with a 

a glow-enhancing facial, designed to leave skin rejuvenated and hydrated. Establishing a consistent dailyskincare regime a few months ahead of the big day will allow you to discover the best products for your skin and ensure a blemish-free, radiant complexion. Using new products close to the big day could result in some unwanted blockages or spots! 

Stop biting your nails

If you are a nail biter, then it’s tempting to nibble away to relieve the stress of planning a wedding. But if you want to ensure gorgeous talons for the ceremony, you need to kick this habit now. After a few weeks, your nails will be stronger, longer and healthier, ready for a manicure to get your hands in tip-top condition.

1-2 months to go

Trial your tan

If you want to be a bronzed bride, then a trial spray tan should form part of your pre-wedding beauty routine. Light coloured dresses look incredible against glowing skin. Discuss with your tanning professional the colour you’d like to achieve and see how it suits your skin. Don’t run the risk of a new spray tan shade the day before you walk down the aisle – you could be disappointed with the colour and it could rub off on your dress. For the perfect wedding spray tan, have a read of our top spray tan tips from the Secret Spa experts.

Prioritise your self-care routine

Planning a wedding is stressful, from navigating family politics to the inevitable last minute disasters, there is a lot to do to ensure that the day goes as smoothly as possible. Now is the time to focus on your well-being, by keeping yourself hydrated, eating healthily and getting plenty of beauty sleep. We know, easier said than done, right? If you’re finding it hard to de-stress, treat yourself to regular massages in the run-up to your wedding and feel that tension melt away.

Start shaping your brows

Step away from the tweezers and allow a professional to tidy up and shape your brows. On-point bridal brows will frame your wedding day beauty look and create a flawless finish. 

Just 2 weeks to go

Get your teeth whitened

You’re going to be smiling a lot, so there will be more focus than usual on your teeth. Many brides leave tooth whitening until the last minute and run the risk of gum irritation. Start the treatment nice and early to achieve perfect pearly-white teeth.

Finalise your hair and make-up schedule

Double-check the times you’ve booked with your make-up artist and hair stylist. If you’re doing your own hair, stock up on hairspray, bobby pins and all the other hair products you need to achieve your wedding day ‘do’.

Don’t introduce any new beauty products

Your skincare routine should be well established, so don’t be tempted to try a new product in case it irritates your skin.

Go make-up free

Give your complexion a break by avoiding make-up as much as possible in the run-up to the big day. It’ll give your skin a chance to breathe and avoid any clogged pores which could result in an unwelcome breakout.

2-4 days before your wedding

Get a pre-wedding wax

Waxing has longer-lasting results than other hair removal methods,  which will mean it’s the best chance for your skin staying silky smooth for your honeymoon too. Don’t book your waxing treatment any closer than two days before your wedding as the hair follicles will need time to close and settle to ensure your skin looks its best.

Get your spray tan

If you’re having a spray tan before the big day, then we recommend doing this 2-3 days before the wedding. Make sure you leave 24 – 48 hours after your wax to avoid spotting. If you have sensitive skin, allow for 48 hours between treatments.

Enjoy your pre-wedding mani / pedi

You’ll probably be showing off your new wedding ring, so make sure your hands are looking their best with a manicure that includes cuticle work, a hand massage, and a luxury gel polish finish. 

The big day is here!

Now it’s time to allow yourself to be pampered! Crack open the bubbly, sit back and let your make-up and hair professionals work their magic. All the preparation will be worth it as you walk down the aisle feeling confident, comfortable and looking amazing. 

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